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Piggie noises

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weebarra Sat 11-Nov-17 15:32:36

I now have three little piggies, sisters.
They are getting used to me and the family and I’m currently sitting with them on me.
Two minor issues:
1. Two storey hutch and they haven’t worked out how to use the ramp yet!
2. They are very noisy when I’m holding them - purring and kind of gurgling, is this ok? If they were stressed what noises would they make?

EastMidsGPs Sat 11-Nov-17 18:07:46

We have all manner of piggie noises and each pig gas been different. Some have chatted to us none stop when being cuddled or carried others have been less vocal.
We have squeaks, clucks, wheeks and general muttering. Sadie calls out to us when she thinks she is being ignored and the baby has started copying. They also have conversations and communications amongst thenselves.

If we do something they don't like e.g. Sadie hates her lower back being touched, they give out a sort of drrr drrr drrr noise. They do this to each other if annoyed.
If really angry or worried they chatter their teeth and it is obvious from their body language something has got to them.
They let you know with a loud squeak if something alarms.or surprises them. Ness is a big wuss and has just discovered this noise!
When we go to the vets .. and presumably they are scared or apprehensive they say nothing ..... nothing at all ... we assume they think < if I sit here quietly in our carrier, hidden under our fleece, they'll forget we're here and nothing bad will happen> hmm

I have no experience of boars, they may have other other sounds e.g. <hey ladies, come and get me> (said in the guinea pig equivalent of Barry White)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 11-Nov-17 20:12:04

There are some YouTube videos of noises though some of them I think really ?

There's no concrete view on "Singing" (chirping like a bird) some say its distress. Its a weird noise for a rodent. We've had pg pigs sing, one of my pigs (don't know which) sang on the day we had GP5 PTS .It might have been GP5 death song?
Most recently our boar sat in the garden run just singing grin. Not pregnant, not dying, not distressed. Just him being him.

Purrs can be brisk Hello, whas upp
Or a boar rumblestrutting , body rigid and sashaying like a serpent.
GP6 purrs when he smells DD jumper after she cuddles the sows. He sniffs her , pulls her clothes with his paws. He lives right next to the girls, he's not deprived of their smell .

When we go to the Pighouse GP7 usually squeaks the loudest , a proper wheek wheek wheek Here's Mum with brekkie call

A stressed piggie (like when I'm cutting the claws) go quieter , we don't get the full on vocals then. Its more body language , pulling away, shrinking down, head down.

GP8 doesn't squeak but she purrs if she's cuddled.
GP2 never squeaked to my knowledge until his last breath (he died on my lap and did a long wheeeeeeeeeek when I moved him slightly sad ) but he did brisk little laughing purrs

If they're angry they chatter their teeth , like a grinding side-to-side of the jaws. Head up , arched back.

We played piggie noises to our trio a while back (GP3 GP4 GP5) , my little Himmy GP5 went sauntering off to investigate "Bugger off you interloper"

GP1 purred along to a game (Animal Crossing) DD had , it was like an Indian sithar, GP1 must;ve thought he was a mongoose grin

With the ramp , make sure it shallow enough and secure . Maybe put some sides on it to make it enclosed for security. They're not natural athletes so they might've been put off if they were jostled or fell off the ramp.

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