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Single Brown Rabbit!

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charliebear78 Sat 04-Nov-17 10:23:46

Ok so I have a 8yr old Bunny.
For a few Years I have been wondering if I should get him a pal.
He isn't Neutered and I have heard/read/Vets told me that the older the Rabbit the more dangerous going under sedation can be.
He has always lived alone and has the full run of the garden with two shelters.
I also have two dogs and a cat which do interact with him on a daily basis-in fact he won't leave one of our dogs alone-follows it-curls up next to him but mostly humps the poor dog!(Dog is a Lab and is far to tolerant)In the Summer when doors are left open he is in and out the house-find him curled up with the Lab on the sofa a few times!
I would need to get our Rabbit done in order to get another one-probably another neutered male?
Has anyone done this at this late stage?
Am I just being soft thinking my poor Rabbit is lonely?

Nasreen Mon 06-Nov-17 13:25:23

I don't think you are being soft, wondering whether your rabbit is lonely. if you read up on rabbit care, they always say that rabbits are best kept in pairs for companionship. I am in the same boat, except my bun is just over a year old and is a house rabbit, so does have companionship some of the time. However, when he out in his run, he does look lonely.

Your rabbit is a fair old age, so maybe consult a rabbit savvy vet for advice re: neutering. Rabbits as you probably know, are sensitive souls and don't always take kindly to surgery. It sounds like your bun has bonded with your other pets, so maybe that is enough for him?
Bonding ( I have heard) can be a lengthy and potentially nasty process, so I would have a good think first. If you have a rabbit rescue centre locally, perhaps ask their advice, as often they offer a bonding service for a small charge. I am going to give this a go in the new year, but even though my bun is young, there are no guarantees he will want a friend!

FernieB Tue 07-Nov-17 10:03:17

You’re not soft at all. Although given your bun’s age, I don’t think I’d want to put him through neutering and a vet would probably be reluctant too. It actually sounds like he has a happy life with his doggy friends and you, so I’d be tempted to leave him alone.

If you really want to try to get him a friend, try a few rescues as they may have an older neutered female in search of a husband.

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