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Rabbits Tear Ducts

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charliebear78 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:39:05

Hi I have a 8 year old Lop.
He lives outside(two hutches for shelter in different areas of the garden) and has full run of the garden,He has always lived outdoors.
For the last Year he seems to have had lots of problems with his eye and fur on his head(we have treated him with mite drops and antifungal powder(Vets said it was not mites however but did not seem concerned over the loss of fur etc)
Lately his head as been almost covered in little white grains(like rice but very very tiny) I cut all if this away and use the drops! -Told the vets and again they said no not mites but didn't/couldn't say what it was!
His eye problem they say is his tear duct(blocked) we have treated this twice in the last year and each time it does not really improve..Vets say he will need sedating to check it over/cure it but loath to do so because of his age(Rabbits over 5yr can be dangerous to sedate?)
So my question to anyone who knows Rabbits(better than my Vets!?) what ARE the white grains on his head?Will it be ok to not have him sedated..I don't think his eye is causing him any pain? again Vets didn't seem too concerned.
To top all this off he now has an ear infection.
Been given Worming paste(was given this last time which seems odd?)and some oral antibiotic drops.

Cheeseislife Tue 21-Nov-17 21:13:07

I think you may do well to look for a different vet, this one doesn't sound very clued up, and a rabbit shouldn't be prone to multiple skin conditions/infestations under the care of a decent vet. It sounds like the poor bun is run down, could you get some pro-C powder to put on his food/in his water as it will give his immune system a much needed boost? It is sold in pets at home if you have one nearby. What antibiotics has he been given for this ear infection, and how is he now?

bunnygeek Wed 22-Nov-17 10:30:58

I second find another vet. The Rabbit Welfare Association will be able to recommend a rabbit-savvy vet near you, pop over to their website.

Lops are a bit more prone to health issues than uppy eared rabbits. Did he have x-rays to look at the tear ducts? It could be related to the molar roots growing long and blocking the ducts. Shorter heads on lops mean more prone to dental issues.

As for the white stuff, it sounds like dandruff which could be caused by fur mites despite what the vet says.

Time for a new vet!

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