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Stupidly excited about new guinea pig living arrangements....

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dietcokeandwine Mon 23-Oct-17 18:02:44

And I know you lot will 'get it'in the way that none of my RL friends will grin

The DietCoke pigs have a fab new Pig Palace AND I think I have managed to begin settling them together as a herd of 4!

They are indoor pigs and have been living in pairs in two Savic Nero 4 cages which have been ok but not brilliant size wise, the older pair just loaf about but our sows are young and needed more space. I also really wanted to get them living together as a little herd but a previous attempt, months ago, failed (boar is dominant and one of the two sows is VERY dominant). So I got this a few days ago, and over the weekend DS1 and I went on a Guinea Pig Bonding Mission. Baths all round (we weren't popular grin), neutral pen with new cardboard boxes, heap of hay and treats to explore, etc etc. Dominant girl pig was true to form and did a lot of chasing and chattering and a bit of nipping (no blood drawn though) but this time I think our boar decided he was too old and knackered to challenge her for dominance and let her get on with it. All the behaviour they exhibited fell into the 'normal introduction behaviour' category based on what I've read and there were no 'stand offs'.

They have been together in the new cage for just over 24 hours now and I am cautiously optimistic...although I realise we probably have a way to go before I can be confident they're definitely going to 'work' long term...I have a two grid divider ready in case I need to do an emergency separation at any point.

But 24 hours together and generally calm and settled (with a bit of chasing and chattering and rumblestrutting in between) bodes reasonably well, right?

And I LOVE the new cage. Have wanted a C&C cage for them for ages. Guineas seem to quite like it too, here they are bonding over some fresh grass smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 23-Oct-17 18:40:14

Ooh looks very nice (I love a C&C set up , light and airy and potential to adapt and bamboozle the hoglets)

Great to see your herd has blended (though don't expect to be forgiven anytime some for the baths !)

How is gingersatinbaby doing? She'll love the space and she's probably the nimblest out of the 4 .

I think in a mixed herd your Alpha Pig is invariably a sow , boars take a back seat bless them.

YY to RL people not 'getting' it. I was measuring up potential wintercage space , DD was helpful, DH was hmm

fortifiedwithtea Tue 24-Oct-17 18:14:16

Looking good, fingers crossed they stay harmonious smile

dietcokeandwine Tue 24-Oct-17 21:36:02

Thank you...

70 - little ginger satin Abby girl is gorgeous - very gentle and sweet natured. Definitely the one who just wants everyone to be happy! Has spent most of her awake time since they moved into the new cage just wandering around eating and chatting to everyone grin

All still calm so far. Agouti girl is safely established as dominant pig, still doing a bit of head butting and chasing from time to time but in between times they look pretty chilled. Our laid back satin coronet girl is definitely going to be lowest in the rankings, and time will tell whether tricolour boar or ginger Abby become number two. Some friendly rumblestrutting going on between those two but I can't work out yet who's winning. Think our boy is worn out though, found him crashed out in a loft fleece pod tonight smile

jobnockey Fri 03-Nov-17 10:46:52

Hope you don’t mind me hijacking the thread but had a question about c and c cages... thinking of getting 3x2 for 2 pigs indoors. Is this going to be big enough?
They’ll have a large hutch outside for warmer months and thought I could use the c and c as a run outside during this time (with lid obvs). I just wondered how easy c an c cage is to take apart and put together again as would be having to take it in the car for those times when we send the pigs on holiday to the Grandparents...
Any thoughts?

AppleBlossomTimeNow Sat 04-Nov-17 16:49:58

That photo of crashed out piggy - adorable x

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