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Where do you keep your guinea pigs?

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NoNamesLeft86 Mon 16-Oct-17 12:58:02

Are they indoor/outdoor? And what type of cage? We had an indoor cage to start with but felt they had outgrown it so in spring we bought a huge double story hutch with thermal cover etc and moved them outside. However I'm now feeling so sorry for them now the weather is getting cold and they are not getting anywhere near as many cuddles. Im tempted to bring them in but dont really want to downsize the cage. Im also paranoid about foxes and if my dog barks in the night im coming down to check there isnt a fox getting them blush

Im wondering how rediculous it would be to have them in the lounge (carpet so not ideal) or dining room in their big hutch. We also have a basement that I considered but there is no natural light/windows and only a very dim light at all.

EastMidsGPs Mon 16-Oct-17 17:09:47

Ours have a large sturdy hutch on legs that DH built years ago.
In the summer they are in this in a summer house at night etc and when they cannot play outside. In the winter the hutch moves into the utility room and if the weather doesn't allow for them to play oit, they get to 'play' in the utility room - DH grows they seed trays of grass for when we cannot cut fresh grass for them.
They are currently in the utility room, a bit earlier than normal because we had a frail elderlyig who I wanted to keep warm. She sadly died and we have a baby, she hadn't been outside when we got her nearly 3 weeks ago and so they are still in the utility.
However, we've had such lovely dry and sunny days, they've been out side a great deal.

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 16-Oct-17 19:54:30

Mine are in the bedroom. They were just in a large Ferplast cage, but I've used c+c squares to build a second storey. It's not ideal, as, to fit around the Ferplast means some of the squares are overlapping, but there's no more room for them anyway.

They've been out a couple of times, but I'm paranoid about predators so only let them out when I'm home, and the weather's rarely suitable in the evenings.

Mum2jenny Mon 16-Oct-17 19:58:54

When we had them, they were indoor pigs. Had a hutch for nights but a large indoor run for daytime. If weather was good, they went outside in a run which had a covered end and an open end where they could eat the grass.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 17-Oct-17 19:21:09

Ours have a Playhouse currantly divided because my sow doesn't like our neutered boar hmm
They have a rabbit hutch and a big plastic garden cushion trunk (both have doors cut out) and the floorspace (half per group)
At night we give the boar a cardboard haybox (doors cut) placed against the girls cage to chat (ie prattle all night). He loves it grin I think the sows wear earplugs. He has the NightHouse taken out in the morning so he doesn't just hide there.

In winter (nights) and Guy Fawkes nights they come indoors.
I have a 4'x2' cage and some C&C , they sleep in the small bedroom.
Last year we had 5 guineas (B/S/S + S/S) this year its Boar and 2 Sows.

SillyBillyMe17 Thu 26-Oct-17 09:45:20

I have two boys in a two storey indoor cage (with added on grates up the ramp as one if them is suicidal!), we cut a hole in the front and side of the bottom of the cage which they are constantly in and out of - we've attached a puppy pen to this which is 24/7 accessible, and open that up every evening with another puppy pen to give them run-around space (Which they never use..!!).

The 'garden' area of theirs has fleece down, with towels under and a waterproof picnic blanket under that, to protect the floors!

I couldn't have them outside.. they're too much a part of the family now!

flyingpigsinclover Fri 27-Oct-17 19:09:15

we have a c&c cage with an upstairs; 3 pigs live downstairs and the other has taken over the upstairs as his territory. 1 of the downstairs piggies never goes up there, 1 is allowed and the other is sometimes allowed to go up there.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 28-Oct-17 17:19:05

DD and I have just set up the indoor cages.
GP6 (boar) is having the indoor cage (plastic base / wire upper) because he's tidier so its easier to clean his house through the doorway. (Its 4'x2')
The sows (GP7/GP8) are having the C&C (42" x28" ) easier to roll up their messy bedding in one and into a bag.

They'll be ver' ver' judgey, even though we#re just looking out for their interests .

user1471530109 Sat 28-Oct-17 17:33:14

What's a C&C cage?
And this may sound daft, but where is the best place to buy guinea pigs (and cages from?). I'm guessing your going to say petsathome is a bad idea! I had a Google for breeders and didn't get any in this area.

My dds have their hearts sets on a pair and I've relented!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 28-Oct-17 19:12:17

C&C is grids lined with a plastic base/sides.

I have some similar grids from Costco which you make up into shape with fastenings on the corners.
Mine are 14"x14" each and the fasteners are a pain in the neck so I use cable ties and clip the ends.
I think the spaces are 1" square so if you have tiny pigs (mine are all lardy adults) you need to overlap to make the spaces 1/2" or so.
Mine would't dream about trying to jump out (though one of my boars GP3 might've given it a shot).
You need to line the base partly to keep their mess in place and mainly because mesh plays havoc with their feet . I've put cardboard in, I'll buy some fleeces and bathmats tomorrow , then they've have puppy pads and newspaper.
Look online Google C&C for ideas .

I bought our plastic based cage in The Range , it was the biggest they had. Jolleys does some rabbit cages which are bigger

user if you're after guineas start a new thread and we'll all pile in grin
My guineas are all Rescues and except for GP3 (who was 6 weeks) all have been 1-2 yo when they came to live with me.
All my piggies have a 'story' about how they came to be in Rescue.
We started off with DD wanting a pet and as I'd kept guineas years ago, that was the route we went down.
GP1/GP2 were in Rescue foster, DD wanted a boar, so we got these two little brothers and the rest as they say , is history.
GP3/GP4/GP5/GP6 follwed as we needed a new pig/pigs.
GP7/GP8 joined us when we decided to expand the herd.

Gumtree is good for 2nd hand cages/hutches. You'd need to scrutinise them (there's a lot of tat) they'll need a van/large car and you'll need to deep clean (I use a steamgun and white vinegar to clean and Vikron S to disinfect )

user1471530109 Sat 28-Oct-17 23:22:22

Thank you flowers

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