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Winter is approaching. The SuperFurryAnimals will be doing their best DailyMailSadFaces!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 21-Sep-17 21:53:12

Our neutered boar has doubled his coat overnight grin
Grazing days are getting fewer and shorter (they had an hour yesterday late afternoon)

We insulated their Pighouse with cardboard and polystyrene (where they cannot get the rodenty little teeth on it)

GP6 can make his lovely thick bedding last 2 days whereas his cagemates (GP7 and GP8) are very messy girls who need daily bed changing. No sitting in wet bedding for my spoiled piggies but I do wish they'd use a litter tray like other small furries .

We have Snugglepads to pop in the microwave (I don't use the fleece covers they stink after 1 day. Mine are wrapped in newspaper and tucked right under their newspaper bedding to keep them safe)

Card shredding equine bedding on the floor. Easy to spot clean, no dust, soft and insulating underpaw.

They come indoors to their wintercages once it gets too chilly outside. We give them the small bedroom so they don't overheat (though they're noisy little ratbags fgrin )

GP2 used to need fattened up , don't think we'll have that problem with these 3 !

Its always a shame when the seasons change , they do love being in the garden especially late evenings................but we can always cut grass until the lawn is baldy.

FernieB Fri 22-Sep-17 13:02:19

Can't believe it's that time already! Mine are enjoying a 'first day of autumn' mow at the moment. They've been getting out most days for an hour or two which is great while it lasts. As mine are indoor pigs anyway, the only concession they get for winter is a bit of extra hay in their pigloos and as the utility room is quite cool, they get a blanket over the top at night for extra insulation.

For Current Bun, it's business as usual - nothing changes except that the radiator he likes to lie underneath is actually on! He's in the middle of one of his enormous moults which means a huge appetite and fluff everywhere. I brushed him thoroughly yesterday and took out enough fur for several small bunnies.

I presume the 70 pigs will be looking forward to 'Pig Night', the annual event when they're officially allowed inside for the winter and everyone in the country celebrates with fireworkswink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 22-Sep-17 13:32:47

Oh yes, "PigNight" - the good people set off their celebratory fireworks for the cavies to "Oooooh" and "Aaaaaah" at.

And the 'Lets Have a Slice of That Big Orangey Vegetable' Night , before spitting it out, declaring it inedible and making the Slaves put out scarey warning decorations to dissuade any other piggies from coming round to try it. In fact , we might as well put a bloody candle in the Big Orangey Veg and set it alight shock

Then "Huge Supper and Daft Hats Night" where the Slaves put a uge (inedible) plant up in the room and hang lights on it, then try to keep up their spirits with presents and singing.

But oddly enough, my pigs are keeping zipped about the Peruvian Cuy Festival where they dress the pigs up and make them the CentrePiece of the feasting (quite literally).

Bert said "Oh don't worry about that , I don't want you having to sew us outfits and things" (or look up some SpatchCocked Cavy Recipes)

FernieB Fri 22-Sep-17 19:54:25

It'll be Madam Pigs first winter with us, so it'll be interesting to see if she actually likes the big orangey vegetable - someone has to! Gingerpig is nearly the same colour as it and lives in fear of being mistaken for it and ending up with a candle between his teeth being gawped at by small people in strange outfits.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 09-Oct-17 21:17:50

Ours enjoyed a couple of hours grazing yesterday and 6 hours on Friday .
We had to give our poor boar fleece (he had an eye injury so Hay Free while it healed) and solid hay cookies. He took offence at the fleece and chose to sleep outside his cage parking his ample arse by the sows' window (bars to divide them).
Felt really sorry for him (even though it was his choice entirely) so tonight he has a cardboard box with an open side to their window (chat) and a doorway , filled with looroll shreddings.

Spoiled little ratbags grin

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