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Sad news - GP passed away

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Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Thu 08-Jun-17 15:19:34

One of our guineas sadly had to be PTS this morning and now I'm Anxious about his brother and what I can do to help himsad

H was lying very still when I went to feed them this morning whilst his brother was wheeking away and circling him - I lifted him up gently and he didn't even try to scamper / token gesture of pretending he didn't want to be handled. Offered food and water but he didn't acknowledge it so off to vet.

Examination showed a physically well / healthy GP as so to speak but with a very slow and almost not there heartbeat so the decision was made to not prolong any suffering.

We don't have a clue what's happened to him, vet thinks perhaps shock of some kind - but now I'm anxious about his brother and how to manage what is likely stressful for him.

Any ideas?

FernieB Thu 08-Jun-17 21:00:14

Sorry to hear about your piggie, sounds like it was a huge shock for you and his brother.

Whenever I've had a piggie bereavement, I've let the remaining pig spend time with the deceased so they understand in their own way what's happened. I know this isn't always possible, but given that your boy was ill, your remaining pig probably sensed it anyway. I also usually take the remaining pig for a health check (weirdly mine have always loved the vet, so it perks them up), just to make sure they're okay.

Then the next step has been to find them a new friend. Pigs need company if at all possible. How old is your remaining pig? My bereaved boys have all been 3 or under, so I've always found them a friend from a Rescue. Rescues are great for bonding pigs which is essential as they don't all get on. If I'd been left with a much older pig, I might have been inclined to keep him alone but move him into the kitchen where he'd have more company during the day and then let him be a 'lap-pig' in the evening and watch TV with us.

Whatever you decide to do, at the moment your remaining pig will be feeling lonely. Spend lots more time interacting with him and give him his favourite foods.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Thu 08-Jun-17 21:18:54

Thank you! Unfortunately he won't be able to spend time with his brother as the vet kindly made arrangements - bringing him home wasn't suitable as our little ones have Autism and just wouldn't understand.

Remaining Piggie is only 11months poor boy, am thinking about moving him somewhere more sociable in the house so he's not lonely!

AliCat36 Thu 08-Jun-17 21:25:00

Oh that's so sad. Your Piggie will definitely need another friend, he's just a baby & will be lonely & unhappy. When one of ours died the other was running around the cage looking for her, clearly so worried. She spent a few days just looking so miserable. We got her a friend after about a week & spent time introducing them. They've been inseparable since.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Thu 08-Jun-17 21:46:28

I'll have a look at rescue piggies tomorrow! Thank you!

AliCat36 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:24:46

Something to consider too is whether you can get another boy or a girl to keep him company. Is he neutered? If not, I'm not sure if he might be better with a neutered female. I'm no expert but ask the people at the rescue centre what they think.

FernieB Fri 09-Jun-17 07:28:06

Poor boy, he's still young at 11 months. I presume he's not neutered. At his age, you could safely neuter him and then you have the option of female companions, after a few weeks. Or, you could go down the baby boy route. My previous older boy (3) was very happy to adopt a baby boy when he lost his brother. Whichever route you take, please make sure you go to a rescue and do proper introductions. If you let us know your area, the piggie slaves on here may be able to suggest some good rescues.

LittleCandle Fri 09-Jun-17 07:35:46

We lost 2 of our 3 piggies during a heat wave. I got another piggie a few days later and introduced them carefully and they bonded instantly. A friend did the same with her piggie when they lost one suddenly. Mine were females, my friend's were male. Her second piggie died unexpectedly a couple of years later, and she didn't get another and her lone original piggie lived about another year. But as yours is so young, I would get another.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 09-Jun-17 08:32:42

Im in Surrey if anyone wants to recommend rescue places smile oddly the vet said not to get another one for at least a few months to give him time to settle but perhaps that's just a personal opinion?

He isn't neutered but that's an option smile

AliCat36 Fri 09-Jun-17 08:55:22

Mine was so obviously sad on her own I couldn't have left her without a friend. She bonded quickly with the new baby & was back to her cheerful self.

FernieB Fri 09-Jun-17 13:03:10

I wouldn't wait a few months. My poor bereaved pigs were very sad and withdrawn on their own. The difference in them when they got their new friend was lovely to see. They really perked up.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 09-Jun-17 13:20:12

Very sad - sometimes there's no discernable reason, guineas can do the Well-To-Dead out of the blue.

He's still a young boar, so yes, needs a friend.

Our GP1 then later GP3 (adult boars) were bereaved , we had to wait a few days to get a suitable friend (GP1 got GP3 as a tiny piglet -6 weeks- from Rescue, later GP3 got 2 sows but had to wait to be neutered before they bonded)

They both had 6 days alone which was time to grieve but IMO long enough to be alone, they slept in DD room but were alone in the day.

In your situation, I'd go for a boar piglet (there are loads of young boars in Rescue, might be trickier getting a baby piggie but phone round) then run the gaunlet of The Terrible Teens when he matures. They will be close enough in age when he's adult and you might find the new one takes the Alpha Pig role.

We have GP6 (neutered) and GP7 GP8 (sows) who don't live as a group because my pig (GP8) doesn't like our very gentle placid boar <<sigh>> . They have a My Wives Next Door set up.

So there's no 100% guarentee that even neutering your boar will give you results. He'd love to live with them , they're uber judgey.
A young, good weight boar is a straightforward castration - obviously there's a risk involved , get a vet who does a regular small mammal surgery clinic. They need 6 weeks to go sterile - we got our sows to live beside GP3 (also gave him a reason to perk up a bit) a couple of days before he was neutered.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 09-Jun-17 13:40:10

Thanks everyone! I am making a list of local rescues and will be calling round... currently the DC are just distraught

EastMidsGPs Fri 09-Jun-17 20:55:58

I have girls. I wouldn't wait months, as others have said try bonding at a rescue.

Our Moll was really depressed when she lost her companion. We ended up with a baby and they've become great friends. Although Mollie sometimes gives Sadie a hmm are you still here kind of look, nearly 3 years on we have a happy matronly 6 year old and a youngster who keeps her on her paws.

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