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Rash after handling GPs-please help!

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QueenofLouisiana Sun 28-May-17 19:59:20

We went to look at some GPs with the plan of re-homing them. After cuddling them (and falling in love a bit) DS and I have come out in an itchy red rash. I've had GP before without allergies, DS has asthma but no allergic tendencies. The rash is only where GP came into contact with us, it hasn't spread.

I've put on a picture. Can anyone shed any light on this? Should we go ahead with the adoption?

rightsaidfrederickII Mon 29-May-17 01:22:52

I'm not a doctor, but it does look like it might be an allergic reaction. People can develop allergies over time - I wasn't always allergic to cats, but developed one in my teens for unknown reasons.

If I were you, I'd speak to the rescue and say you'd like to come back and visit again because you want to see if this reoccurs or if it's a one-off, so you know whether or not it's sensible to continue with the adoption.

In the meantime, try taking an antihistamine (piriton, loratadine etc.) and see if that helps it to go away, but be wary of taking one shortly before you visit again because it will prevent the symptoms, but presumably you don't want to be taking pills every day for the rest of your pigs' lives.

QueenMortifauxcado Mon 29-May-17 01:34:41

I developed a skin reaction to rats after keeping them for years. It itches like crazy and it's hard to handle them as much as they need so I wouldn't go ahead with it. You could maybe check its the guinea pigs themselves and not the bedding or something though.

EastMidsGPs Mon 29-May-17 08:37:01

I would go back to the rescue and see if it happens again, but it does look as if you've had a reaction.

I have asthma and get wheezy around the hay my piggies have. Earlier this year they went into foster care next door when I couldn't shake the awful chest infection that was doing the rounds.

However, in the past we did inherit 2 pigs from a work colleague when he ended up in hospital following a severe asthma attack hours after being near his children's new pets. So please, please go carefully and really check that none if you are allergic before adopting.

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 29-May-17 15:11:17

I get the same when I pick mine up, especially my long-haired lady, but I find it goes does again really quickly. I'm more allergic to my rabbits' fur, but I don't care. Having them around does so much for my mental health (though I was pleased when I could move all five rabbits out of the bedroom into the shed - that really was too much for my lungs to cope with).

Pinkkahori Mon 29-May-17 15:16:36

We have GPs that we got for dd over 3 years ago. She has asthma and other allergies so we gave some time allowing her to handle them etc before we got them. She was perfectly fine with them and handled them every day for the first couple of years with no problems at all.
Then about a year ago she handled them and seemed to have a slight reaction.
The next time she touched them she got a big reaction with hives, facial swelling and wheezing.
She no longer is able to care for them or play with them at all. In fact she can't really spend more than a minute or 2 in the room where they are.
Luckily the rest of the family are happy to help and so far we have kept them.
If your DS has asthma and is already reacting I'm sorry but I would advise you not to get them.

Tweedledumb0 Mon 29-May-17 15:34:04

Looks like an allergic response to me, too, I'm afraid. Guinea pigs are (surprisingly) particularly allergenic, so even if your DS has never shown any allergies before, it's still quite possible that he's reacted to them.

Tweedledumb0 Mon 29-May-17 15:37:30

Ps it's often the proteins in their skin and urine that cause the response, so even airborne they can set off wheezing/itchy eyes (they do for me when our piggies' bedding gets a bit ripe!). I really would think twice about getting GPs for him 😥

PeachPearPotato Tue 20-Jun-17 21:14:18

I'm allergic to guinea pigs but not rabbits.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 20-Jun-17 21:54:29

My DD gets a similar rash (less severe she doesn't get the raised weals)
from our coarser coated pigs (GP3 was Rex. GP6 is Teddy. The Teddy one is the most allergenic) We had smooths and an Abby, now a smooth , a longhaired and the Teddy.

And she's allergic to rabbits (though she was fine years ago helping with the school rabbits) so I think she's getting worse with exposure sad

FernieB Wed 21-Jun-17 15:34:10

It can get worse with exposure - my DDs have always been fine with rabbits (they've lived with one Bun or another for the last 12 years). They're now showing signs of being mildly allergic to Current Bun (sneezing, itching etc). They don't complain too much though, as now they're both teenagers, they know I'm more likely to rehome them than the rabbitwink.

I've developed problems with cats over the last few years, but as I'm not often in contact with them it's okay. I do know of several people who have issues with guinea pigs.

BeyondThePage Wed 21-Jun-17 15:42:26

If you have allergies to cats or horses you are likely to have an allergy to Guinea Pigs - be glad it has manifested now though. We bought GPs for our daughters aged 5 - by age 6 they were both allergic and I had 9 years of mucking out and cuddling and putting out to grass etc alone.

gandalfspants Wed 21-Jun-17 16:04:58

Looks like an allergic reaction to me, like PPs have said they can develop over time.

I was fine with rats and then gradually developed allergies and asthma (didn't have asthma before). It got worse and worse over time.

By the time I rehomed my last boy I was cleaning them out wearing gloves and a face mask and taking anti histamine, anti asthma tablets and inhalers every day.

Maybe go back and see if it happens again. I wouldn't get them if it does.

Pidgythe2nd Sat 08-Jul-17 06:27:53

This happens to me too!
We had the school guinea pigs for a weekend as a practice run for getting our own. It was horrendous! Itchy eyes, asthma, coughing and the raised red rash. I made the decision very fast that we couldn't get our own.

littlebillie Sat 08-Jul-17 06:39:51

GP are the most allergic of pets

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