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Keeping 2 male rabbits together?

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neonfrog Sat 27-May-17 04:38:54

First time pet owners.

I keep being given conflicting advice about keeping rabbits. I've bought the hutch today all ready to collect a boy rabbit tomorrow. I'm worried he will be lonely so am considering bringing back his 'cell' mate to who is also a boy. They seem happy together in the shop.

Is this a good idea or not? Definitely will get neutered in about 4 weeks if that will help.

TheresaMayJeremyWill Sat 27-May-17 13:00:14

What's the conflicting advice?
Yes, rabbits need to be in pairs (at least). And yes - definitely need to be neutered. They need to be around 12 weeks old/mature enough for this. So timing is key to get them neutered before hormones kick in and fights start. (If this happens you would need to separate and re-bond them).
Two boys together is fine - male/female pairs are supposedly the easiest to bond, but it's not essential (I've bonded males).
You'll need space whether you get one or two... ie. a run attached to hutch. Will they be houserabbits or outside?
Dare I ask why a pet shop and not a rescue charity? shock grin
When you see them cuddling together it's so sweet! You'll be shocked you ever considered separating them!
All the best. smile

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