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Rabbit Has Decided To Speed Up Bonding!

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Evenstar Tue 23-May-17 20:08:34

I lost my lovely mini lop doe 2 weeks ago, not wanting to keep my neutered Netherland Dwarf buck on his own we acquired a spayed Netherland Dwarf doe. They have been side by side for about 10 days, I put them in a pen together last night and there was a minor scuffle so obviously separated them again.

I went out in the garden earlier only to find the doe had found her way into the buck's hutch!, she must have shoved the pen out of the way. There was a bit of fur in the pen but I haven't seen any fighting they are just moving round from the top to the bottom and not sitting together but eating and sleeping.

Should I separate them again or see how it goes? I have bonded rabbits before but have no experience of them taking matters into their own hands (paws?). Thanks in advance.

TheresaMayJeremyWill Sat 27-May-17 12:47:08

I've only bonded two pairs so this is mainly from what I've read....

What's happening now? (Just seen you posted a few days ago.) If it was me I'd set up a new, neutralised (ie. cleaned with vinegar so they can't recognise the smell) pen and put them in there, just in case there is still an issue over territory.

When I bonded mine, I did it the "quick" hmm way involving staying close to them day and night for a couple of days (bit impractical for many!)... small scuffles are ok, as long as they're nipped in the bud a bit. I used a spray bottle of water and sprayed them every time to separate them - this also means they sit and groom themselves which aids bonding. Also petting both of them at the same time if they're fairly close.

It sounds like it should work out if they're not fighting in the current cage, so perhaps a day or an evening of supervision would be sufficient for them to begin to bond so you can leave them together. When you have a couple of days off work is the best time so you can be near-ish - ie. not leaving them for hours on end.

TheresaMayJeremyWill Sat 27-May-17 12:50:11

Whoops, managed to miss the bit about bonding before! You know what you're doing! I would still try putting them in a new clean pen though, just in case. (And post pics when they finally cuddle. wink) I would guess them taking matters into their own paws means a quick and easy bond, but would be interested to know.
Good luck!

Evenstar Sun 23-Jul-17 10:35:16

Sorry for lack of update, I decided to leave them to it and they have been very happy ever since

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