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shitzu help

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lovemybabies3 Thu 18-May-17 13:18:02

i have a female shitzu! shes 10mnths old! was just wandering how often do others bath theres! we normally do it once a week, after a big wlk saturday as were off work but by the tuesday she really smells again! i think when im in work on monday and tuesday and shes on her own then she licks herself constantly which makes her smell! i come home on my dinner so she not left all day and none of her toys are ever touched so i think she literally naps all day in her bed (she is kept in the kitchen whn we are out incase she has any accidents) and what do others use so maybe she smells abit nicer for longer.

angelinheaven Wed 24-May-17 16:55:53

Hi I don't bath my girl that often as it will make her smell more and isn't good for their skin. My groomer does some lovely sprays that you can use inbetween washes and spray on dog and her bed, I also give all my girls clean blankets every day as sometimes that could be the problem not the actual dog.

lovemybabies3 Thu 25-May-17 06:34:15

thanks for reply, we do only bath her once a week! she has a waterproof mat as her bed as she went thru a phase of weeing under it so baught that so could just wipe it down, so thats cleaned and sprayed nearly every day! shes stopped that now tho! i do think her licking herself constantly when im in work is what is making her smell! need to maybe google tips on her to stop ber doing it!

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