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What does your rabbit's house look like?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 12-May-17 23:46:51

I'm looking for inspiration. Our 2 currently live in a small wooden playhouse and we've forked out for a kennel type shed/secure run so they can come and go in and out as they please and still be safe. They will still come out onto the lawn in nice weather.

It's a blank canvas. 6'x4' interior shed (and a further 6'x6' run). We put a box and a shelf for them in their old one, but have yet to put anything in this one and are wondering what would be best.

Also, would they take to a cat flap? I think it would cut down on draughts in the winter compared to having their door completely open which they do now.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 14-May-17 22:50:05

Oooh DrM that looks lovely grin

I've had some browses through websites like "A Hutch Is Not Enough" (not because I have rabbits but getting inspiration for my guineas)

I think rabbits do get the hang of catdoors (but I couldn't find any that were straightforward slim fitting swinging ones online when I was looking. I gave uo because I don;t think the pigs would go for it . They aren't that bright)

Are you planning covers for the sides? Something like clear plastic that you can roll up ? I use a heavy industrial clear bag over one of the removeable windows (they're reinforced with bars and mesh+ chicken wire) . I peg it into the ground so they get air but if it rains, they're sheltered (they have a playhouse )

In the outer run, can you get a log that's rabbit safe to chew?

Digging box of soil if its on concrete?

Inside , will they use ramps ? I'm visualising a waist-height shelf with a full height barrier so they can't fall off (like a cot side) . Put a couple of hinges on so you can fold it down to clean and a couple of bolts to hold in place . (They won;t cost much and easy to fit)

Then the ramp going up the side , that'll give them an Under-the-Stairs hidey space grin
You can put cardboard boxes under the shelf to play in. Maybe use the upper level as the haybox/bedroom as its off the floor.

I'd put a perspex screen on the bottom bit of the outer screen door so that the local cats didn't spray into the run <<boak>>

Lucky rabbits smile looks great, now you just need to paint it bunny blue .

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 14-May-17 22:55:45

Ooh another one I saw had Ikea Variera bag dispensers as hay racks ( they're dirt cheap less than £2 , you can wall mount them, stuff with hay, keeps them busy)

FernieB Mon 15-May-17 11:26:25

That looks great. Whatever you put inside, think about the cleaning. Make sure it's easy to keep clean for your own sake. Rabbits probably could be trained to use a cat flap, but I'd make it a large one (probably more of a dog flap) as they move differently to cats so would need to be able to hop through as opposed to a cat stepping through.

DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 15-May-17 19:50:16

They've been in a smaller version (think the smaller type of kids playhouses) with a small patio outside, let out everymorning and back in on an evening. The patio helps keep their nails shorter. We have planted up pots of herbs and trays of grass which will get put in there and rotated, so they have grass to nibble and soil to dig in a bit. And they are wide enough for them to both do it side by side.

We've sacked off the cat flap idea and now they have a rabbit-sized hole. It will go into a covered tunnel area within the rear house to keep it sheltered.

It's lino lined, and tanked up the side as the old one was so that it's easy to sweep out.

On the inside they will have the tunnel area, with a shelf on the top for them to sit on. We are going to put in a few shelves for them to climb on (as well as one in the ceiling for their feed etc to be stored) and will cut a window by the shelf as they currently like sitting on their shelf and looking out of the window.

They have a Hop In, which they also love.

Yes, we are thinking about covering the sides of the run with plastic for extra shelter in the winter months. Good thinking about the plastic. We own a cat, but we still wouldn't want spraying to happen.

In the summer they will also be allowed out on to the lawn free reign (supervised) and at the moment they are put into a run when we are in the garden.

Looking forward to them being able to get into their new house! DH still busy on the shelf though.

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