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Rabbit fur mites, yuk, do we need the vet?

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RicottaPancakes Tue 02-May-17 09:13:06

So I have googled and it looks like one of our rabbits has fur mites. Some websites say go to the vet's, but you can buy treatment at Pets at home. So what should I do? Do I need the vet? Is is going to cost a fortune?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 02-May-17 22:20:27

Ricotta you can get Xeno 450 online (contains Ivermectin)
If the mites were severe your rabbit might need injections of Ivermectin.

One of my guinea-pigs had lice in her fur (they were longer in the body than mites) after I bought hay from a High st Pet store.

I used a Lice'n'Easy shampoo and threw out the hay .

Is your rabbit losing fur at all?

RicottaPancakes Wed 03-May-17 23:32:08

Thank you very much :-) He's just lost a little bit of fur and where there was fur there's lots of white dried skin (or at least that's what I think it is). He doesn't seem unwell.

I've bought a new bag of hay just in case. Also got some ivermectin from Pets at Home.

Ginandpanic Wed 10-May-17 16:37:34

Mites often means they have something else going on, worth a trip to the vet anyway.

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