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Two little mice!

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Mrsemcgregor Sat 15-Apr-17 18:34:27

I brought 2 mice today, a lovely golden and a black and white patchy. Both females.

I have had dwarf hammies before but never mice. Any tips for enrichment, anything your mice really enjoyed?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Apr-17 00:56:09

Oooooooh its years since I had pet mice, but they are lovely, funny , twitchy nosed, bright eyed little rodents.

Good call buying females , male mice STINK.

Lots of playthings - boxes, loo roll tubes, ours loved their wheel (but at 3am I wished they would just pipe down and sleep ) you can get the silent ones now.

They are brilliant escape artists.
Ours got out of their cage, no idea how. The bars must've been too big a gap where the door was?

My DDad built them a customised MouseHouse, he made different levels and put ladders in ( I think budgie ladders) the little madams ignored these and scaled the mesh on the front to get up/down.

You can let them run from one hand to other , along your arm and back.
You can hold their tail at the thick end near their rump to secure them, but be careful the thinner end, its easily damaged. I didn't lift mine by the tail, ours would let you scoop them up, but once their sitting you can sort of secure the nail between your forefinger/thumb.

They are sweet. Bit noisy . Very quick.
They pooh at liberty and pee, no real bladder control (unlike my guinea-pigs who will give a heads up. )

One of our girls was pg when we got them so we did miss out a bit on the early day with them when she raised her litter ( seeing as some rodents will ignore/eat their young if disturbed) .

Enjoy them, they are fun! What are you keeping them in?

Mrsemcgregor Sun 16-Apr-17 11:40:56

Thank you!!

At the moment they are in a small dwarf hammy cage but I am going to get them something multi level and more interesting next week. They are teeny little things at the moment so don't want to give them big heights just yet (as per rspca advice!)

They are funny little things and both have very distinctive and different personalities already. Ones a homemaker and ones a trouble maker! They are already pretty comfortable running on to my hand if I place it in the cage, they don't seem to want to come out yet so I need to give them time. Day 1 of mice husbandry has been fun! grin

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