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Guinea pig feels thin

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Juanbablo Wed 12-Apr-17 17:36:01

We have 3 piggies. 2 of them are 4.5 years old and their baby is 4. We bought 2 males and one of them turned out to be female and we didn't realise until she started to get very fat! She had 3 babies and we kept her daughter and my friend had the two boys. I'm a little worried about her as she feels very bony all of a sudden. She looks well and eats well but made a fuss having her nails cut which isn't like her either. I weighed her and she is 12oz so I will weigh her in a week and see what her weight is like.

Do I take her to the vet or just accept that she is probably getting to be an old lady?

FernieB Wed 12-Apr-17 18:29:16

4.5 is a good age, but loss of weight could be indicative of many things, not just age. I'd pop her along for a check up, just really to make sure she's in no pain. If she's pootling about as normal, then everything's probably fine, but if you're anything like me, once I've noticed something with a pet. I can't stop thinking about it, so a trip to the vet is usually more for my benefit.

My old boy became a bit thinner as he got older. I probably noticed it from about age 4, but there was nothing wrong with him. He died earlier this year just before his 6th birthday.

nineanimals Wed 12-Apr-17 18:34:02

If my maths are right she's about 350g and a normal weight for a female is 700-900g so she is very underweight. I would recommend you get her checked by a vet asap.

Juanbablo Wed 12-Apr-17 19:06:56

I did check that nine and was also alarmed but the "baby" who is 4 is 8oz and feels well covered and plump and is very well and surely she would be classed as ridiculously underweight. I'm going to weigh them again tomorrow just to check that I weighed them properly. Although I weighed the boy too and he was 2lb 4oz and that seems about right.

EastMidsGPs Thu 13-Apr-17 07:00:51

Our old Sophie suddenly felt thin around the same age, she was treated for mites but really she remained as thin and although pottered around and generally enjoyed life it was the start of her gradual decline. She lived a happy life tho for another 6 months, actually waiting to go on holiday to turn her clogs up.

I'd visit the vet just to make sure there is nothing underlying the weight loss
In my years of piggie keeping have found that many as they get older loose weight .. it is sort of the fat that goes blush and they struggle to put it back on.

Juanbablo Thu 13-Apr-17 08:53:25

What were the symptoms of mites East? Baby piggy has a bald patch on her back too so I suppose mites could be a possibility although they are regularly cleaned out.

EastMidsGPs Thu 13-Apr-17 10:07:02

Scratching and hair loss. It is easily treated, there is over the counter stuff but I'd suggest a vet visit first especially as you've 3.
As Sophie got older she seemed prone to mites, was never sure if it was low immune system or the mites caused it, either way she lost condition and weight.

These days I give my current two a dose of mite treatment about once a month. Just to be sure.

EastMidsGPs Thu 13-Apr-17 10:09:29

Many moons ago we had an emergency bag of hay from different pet shop and the pigs got mites.

But with Sophie I am pretty sure she was getting older, weaker immune system and then she got mites.

dietcokeandwine Thu 13-Apr-17 10:11:17

We lost one of our boars shortly after Christmas and he did get thinner as he aged (he was 5.5 when he died). His brother is still with us and also much thinner than he was but still happy and lively and eating well.

I think they do slim down a lot as they age (our three girls are 4m,1 and 4.5 and feel like little butterballs compared to elderly boar) but if you suspect any illness or pain then a trip to the vets is probably wise.

Juanbablo Thu 13-Apr-17 10:34:56

I re weighed the girls this morning and I did read the weights wrong yesterday! Robyn is 800g and Lucy is 700g so actually not underweight as we first thought. The boar is 1kg. Robyn doesn't seem in pain when picked up or handled but I think I will pop her and Lucy to the vets for a check up. Thanks everyone.

FernieB Thu 13-Apr-17 19:40:39

Those weights sound better. It's so hard to get wriggly piggies weighed properly. Mine like to try and sneak their rear ends off the edge of the scales so they weigh lessgrin. Hope it all goes well at the vets

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 13-Apr-17 21:04:56

If its sudden weight loss have her teeth checked.
A sharp spur can stop her eating even though she'll want to eat and still go up to the foodbowl.

My little Himmy still ate but I noticed her ears wiggled when she ate, like she was having to move her jaw more.She lost weight , it was noticeable round her belly , she was our smallest pig)
She did have a spur ( her eating improved after but sadly we had to say Goodbye to her a couple of weeks later)

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