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Guinea pig - to operate or not to operate?

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SignOnTheWindow Sun 02-Apr-17 19:02:44

One of our piggies has had a lump on her chest, between her two front legs since we got her two years ago - she's a rescue and we were told it was a fatty lump. I took her to the vets to have this confirmed, but after three aspirations, it was still inconclusive (the samples were 'greasy' which the vet said suggests fatty lump was the correct diagnosis, HOWEVER the lump feels quite attached to the chest).

The lump has really, really gradually grown and is now the size of a golf ball. The vet (a different one) now says we need to decide what to do - operate or not.

I really don't know! Peaches is almost 5 years old and rather timid - I don't want to put the poor little thing through a stressful and quite possibly dangerous operation. On the other hand, if the lump continues to grow, it might impede movement and need an operation when she is older and therefore even less able to cope with it.

She's eating and drinking very well and has a good appetite (though is definitely thinner than her tubby sister) and is also scurrying around quite happily. She doesn't find it painful when the lump is examined.

What would you do?

FernieB Sun 02-Apr-17 20:48:27

Only you know what's best for your pig but from what you've said, if she's happy and she's 5 years old, I'd be inclined to leave it as long as she's in no pain. I've always found that asking my vet what they would do if it was their pet to be a good strategy.

SignOnTheWindow Mon 03-Apr-17 00:21:54

Thanks Fernie, that was my gut feeling. Just need some reassurance, I suppose!

EastMidsGPs Mon 03-Apr-17 17:40:58

I agree with FernieB.
The stress of an op, then trying to keep the wound clean whilst it heals .. if she was mine I'd leave it and see how it and Peaches progresses.
Continue giving her a happy life.

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