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Cruel to have only 1 guinea pig?

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Bimbop5 Wed 22-Mar-17 15:45:01

Hi all,

I lost 3 guinea pigs this year. Two due to old age (7) and one to pneumonia, leaving me with 1 guinea pig. She's only 3 years old and I worry she will be lonely. I don't want to adopt anymore guinea pigs because I am allergic to them so they live in an outbuilding. It is heated and bright, etc. But I still think it's best to have piggies inside.

Anyhow, I have 2 rabbits in the outbuilding as well, free range, so she can at least see and hear them but its not the same as having a friend. I'm so torn. Do I just let her be a single pig? Should I adopt her out to someone who also has a single pig....but then I'm worried about her living with someone else. What if they get bored of guinea pigs or not give her vet treatment if she gets ill.....there are so many variables.

And unfortunately, I can't spend time cuddling her and interacting to the degree she needs die to my allergies. I'm very worried. sad I don't want her to have a depressing, lonely life. As it is right now, she seems happy and eats well, wheeks for food, etc. She has really come out of her shell since her partner died in Dec. So maybe she doesn't mind being alone? Help!

EastMidsGPs Wed 22-Mar-17 18:15:49

I'd really try and find a rescue for her especially in view of your allergy.. that won't go away and could get worse the more contact you have, it would be unfair for her to only have minimal contact she could live many more years

Bimbop5 Wed 22-Mar-17 19:03:28


Thanks I'm leaning towards that, too. I'm not really worried about my allergies escalating though because I've been allergic to piggies for over a decade but I am very worried about her having a sad life. That being said I made the decision not to get anymore piglets as I'm tired of the allergies. ☺

I've emailed the rescue I adopted her from to ask them what they would like me to do. I'll update once I hear back.

Thank you ☺

EastMidsGPs Wed 22-Mar-17 19:33:15

It is so difficult isn't it? I am almost in a similar situation, have been mildly allergic to piggies since I first had them. Luckily it has been manageable but doc has said on numerous occasions I should consider not having them and gas given me an inhaler - which I didn't us in the past.
At Christmas I caught the awful coughing bug everyone had. But needed out of hours treatment as was so breathless. Piggies had to be fostered with the children next door. But Mollie fretted so I had them back before I was well. It has taken so long to get fit again and so we've decided these two will be the last two
I am lucky DH works from home and so they get plenty of attention. I can only do one cuddle a day, it's heartbreaking
I feel your pain flowers

Bimbop5 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:25:35

Awe thanks, it sounds like you definitley understand. I'll be heartbroken for myself if she goes to another home but it would be selfish to deny her a friend.

The rescue contacted me and luckily remember me and the pigs. She's going to keep her eye open and let me know. Right now Pearl is happily tucking into fresh dandelions after having a cage clean so she's quite happy right now! smile i really love that fat little pig, teehee.

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