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Guinea pig with face abcess

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Bimbop5 Sun 26-Feb-17 00:22:01

My poor old gal, who is over 7, has been battling a face abcess for 2 years. It keeps coming back. She is back on zithromax, antibiotic and metacam for the pain. She has an appointment tomorrow with the vet because now it looks like she has mites. Sigh.

Has anyone else dealt with a face abcess? Her's is under her tear duct. I just cleaned the pus out. She didn't seem to mind much, she was more angry when I clipped her toe nails (drama queen).

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 26-Feb-17 09:50:07

Oh little soul, she's giving you The Judgey Face (and in her complex cavy cranium , she probably thinks she's darned well entitled to wink )

She lost her longterm companion (adult piglet) suddenly and she's a veteran lady herself.

Mites often live on a pig with no problems until stress then they flare up (maybe there's some changes in a piggies skin under stress that allows a minimal colony of mites to suddenly take over?)

If the abscess is near the eye is it in the tear duct or related to teeth (they're very close in a piggie) . Has she had an XRay in the past?
Again if she's well and it keeps under control, but any stress can knock her immunity .

Does she have mite treatment? The vet might inject Ivermectin rather than topical (though guineas don't like needles)

She's an old lady, so you might not get to the bottom of it (I wouldn't want one of my pigs going through X-Rays and sedation if they were vunerable and older) .

Hopefully the vet can help her.
(As an aside, I had to throw out two bags of hay from a certain well known store, my Himmy got weirdy little things on her fur, I think lice rather than mites eek. Couldn't return it because I decant my hay into a clean dustbin so now wrappings. I know it was that hay because I don't buy it, I was stuck without. )


70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 26-Feb-17 09:53:17

Oh, do you flush it with saline? You thinking if its foreign body rather than internal.
And some abscesses start with a bite (from a toothy cagemate)

Though in my work experience (Podiatrist NHS) I've seen various abscesses and ulcers starting from all matters- splinters, glass, insect bites ,animal hair .

Bimbop5 Thu 02-Mar-17 17:32:40

Hi sorry for the late reply. I have been flushing her abcess with hibitine and warm water. She doesn't seem to mind but a very strange thing happened. I used a qtip to drop a single drop of water into the hole of her abcess and she snorted and then it came out through her nostril! I honestly think her abcess goes straight through into her sinus cavity. sad

I feel so sad for her. Plus she is grieving the loss of her daughter and not eating very well or interested in much. So I decided to introduce her to my other lone female, Pearl. It actually didn't go too badly. There was no biting or actual fighting. There was a lot of threatening behaviour from Pearl. But Lulu was submissive to it and she started eating again.

But as the day progressed I could tell Lulu was extremely scared and would not come out of the hidebox. Being that she is blind she kept getting startled and screaming. I ended up separating them because I was worried about the stress Lulu was feeling and she already is run down from mites and her abcess. I thought what the heck I am doing to her? I was just so worried when she refused to eat veggies. sad

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