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Outdoor rabbits shed recommendations?

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NKFell Mon 16-Jan-17 15:53:57

It's just that really- I have 2 beautiful buns and the wind has really taken it's toll on their current house.

The house is on top of a run but we didn't found it gave much shelter to the run- mainly in the summer so we bodged made a shaded area. We have a winter cover on at the moment and they feel snuggly enough but I'm looking into changing them over- probably in the summer time.

Any recommendations will be appreciated!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 16-Jan-17 22:25:03

Instead of thinking "Rabbit Houses" why not a shed?
My guinea-pigs have my DC old wooden Playhouse which is fantanstic for them grin

With a shed (pick one up from Gumtree/eBay) you can put flooring (lino)
Shelves at levels for them to sit on, have a sleeping area slightly raised (stuff the space with straw to insulate)
Make a removable window for ventilation (line with predator proof bars/wire and fly mesh) in the space or do a 'stable door' and make a screen for the upper bit.

Fit a catdoor to a tunnel to connect to the run for choice of indoor/outdoor
A barrier across the doorway so you can get in without them escaping.
And you can stand up in it, keep dry and warm while you clean.

There's loads of Rabbit Houses on websites like Runaround and A Hutch Is Not Enough.

Our pigshouse cost us nil as we had the house, DH has added bits, we have power points grin from the garage

NKFell Tue 17-Jan-17 00:49:27

Mine started life as 2 hutches botched and bodged to be less 'hutchy'. A playhouse sounds a really good idea. I'd like to use my current run- it's 8x6 so big enough and connecting it using a cat door and tunnel would be perfect, plus if the house is separate I can then position in a way to put a roof on the run properly.

Ill look at finding a wooden playhouse, can't believe I never thought of that so thank you very much- and it won't look terrible in the garden. DP says our rabbits look like the Dingles!

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