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My rabbits had a fight do I need to do anything?

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Tutu1000 Sat 14-Jan-17 19:22:52

I have 2 rabbits both of which I have rehomed. Both are male and neutered, 1 is an english cross approx 6months old, the other is a dutch rabbit we are unsure of the age as he was found, but the vet reckons about a year old.

They both have seperate hutches and always will, but I have been having them out in the garden at the same time for weeks, one in a run, and the other free range in the garden. They have done lots of sniffing of each other and mirroring behaviour, there didn't seem to be any aggressive behaviour so today I thought I'd see how they both got on together out in the garden.

To start with all was well, the dutch bunny was only interested in exploring as he's in the run usually. The english cross though followed the other round sniffing his bum, unfortunately it meant he accidently cornered the dutch rabbit and the dutch rabbit kicked out and then a fight ensued. It literally lasted about 5 seconds as I grabbed and picked up the english cross, but there was a lot of fur lost and the english cross has a bite on his heel.

Despite the amount of fur lost I can't see any bald patches on either rabbit. The dutch rabbit was hopping off straight away to explore the garden. The english cross I bought inside to clean up his foot and check him over. He also seems fine. I have been checking on both of them all afternoon, both seem normal. Do I need to do anything else? I won't try and have them out unseperated again. I have seen rabbits fight before, but not quite like this as there were warnings before hand whereas this all happened in a flash.

I've come back to having rabbits after a 15 year break and feel like I'm having to learn everything over again so I was just hoping someone could tell me if there is anything else I can do to make sure they are ok. I feel worse than when my kids fight!

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