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How are The SuperFurryAnimals coping in the cold weather?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Jan-17 15:07:53

Mine are in today , it was freezing, snow forecast again after last night.

Ours were in over New Year (DD was looking after them and GP5 was unwell) then we put them back out in the Pighouse by day. (I was the one tottering down at 6.30 to put their fresh bedding and snugglepads in their hayboxes then putting their little heater on for 20 minutes to take the chill off)

Today they've been whittering (like a box of racing pigeons) for me to get them food. So I cut some grass, let it warm a bit indoors and they're delighted , Bless them grin

So how to appease these Judgey Little Mammals?

fortifiedwithtea Fri 13-Jan-17 16:17:50

Millie is blissfully unaware as the central heating is on full time.

She full on gave me a nattering day before yesterday because she didn't like what she had for tea. Carrot, sweetcorn and celery not good enough. She only ate the celery. Do I need to give her the starving guinea pigs in Africa speech?

BTW sorry to read about little Oreo sad Have you tried to join the 2 herds since she has passed?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Jan-17 16:39:41

Oreo wasn't the issue with the Herd Blending, it is Tilly and Trinity (2 very fiesty sows). They still give each other hmm looks.
They work quite nice as a 2+2 though .
I miss Oreo's funny little ways , she was the only himmy in a group of tricolours.
DD has her three pigs, I've got Tarragon.

I gave mine the "Wild guinea-pigs in Peru" speech, they muttered about Huskies,proper,rangey,sled pulling huskies and Malamutes, hairy, non sled pulling malamutes. People think they're interchangeable but they're not. Nor ar we with wild cavies.

And stomped off. Actually ours had leafy celery,sweetcorn and those little gem lettuces (Tesco on an emergency on the way home in a snowstorm shopping trip) .
I doubt they'll starve grin

FernieB Fri 13-Jan-17 17:16:46

Gingerpig can see the snow from his indoor cage and despite it being warm in the utility, insisted he was freezing and needed to spend the morning in bed with DD (off with a heavy cold) and some parsley.

We may have sourced him a wife so he's going on a diet and fitness regime to impress her. As far as I can see this means stuffing himself silly so he's more portly and practising his lying croissant yoga pose.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Jan-17 18:21:29

Aww parsley and snuggles for Gingerpig grin

My girls all say that "Sows like LardyBoars" gives them more to snuggle up with and they're less likely to catch the sows when they do the Rumblestrutting.

<Squee> at new piggie-wife (Pigutues will be demanded) wink

Mochasmumma Fri 13-Jan-17 21:29:29

My boys are enjoying the reduced veg at M&S this winter, there seems so much more of it than last year. Occasionally they even let the humans have some too wink

I've been a bit worried about them getting cold in the house while we're out and the heating is off but with a bit of extra straw bedding they seem okay

EastMidsGPs Sat 14-Jan-17 08:43:49

S&M are in the utility room, the snuggle pad bought (with lovely extra cover) after reading about them here is still ignored, walked over, peed and pooed on hmm

As it has been really cold here, they've had a little heater with them in the utility room. They've also taken the matter into their own paws and seem to be growing even thicker fur than they already had.
M also appears to adding a further layer of fat.
We were a bit worried about S earlier in the week as she didn't seem right. We think now she's got a bit cold by sitting out in the open play area for a while, waiting for attention, rather than cuddling up with M. She is fine now.
Tesco had some reduced black kale the other day, so thought I'd treat them, nope, don't like it, it is black.
They've been enjoying mixed baby leaf salad as it is cheaper at the moment and Morrison's flat leaved parsley is the bigger leaved stuff and so it is the parsley of choice.
Off to Asda later as a lot of their fruit and veg is cheap at the moment.

FernieB Sat 14-Jan-17 14:50:10

Wow - yours eat flat leaved parsley!!!! Mine have always thought it is fake parsley. If it's not curly, it's not worth the effort.

EastMidsGPs Sat 14-Jan-17 16:11:43

Mine will only eat the curly stuff is there is absolutely nine other available and then only with a death stare!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 14-Jan-17 20:31:59

Ours had Cavolo Nero/Black Kale from Waitrose (reduced section) because if they spat it out , it was only 20p wasted. They hoovered it grin . Since found it in M&S , the chopped BK in Tesco, and very miserly packs in Sainsburys.
GP7&GP8 didn't care for sweetcorn unless it was leafy , then it was only to eat the leaves!. But they'll lowered themselves to sample it, now they're fans.

Parsley (curly or flat) , coriander , mint- all scoffed.

Waitrose have a good reduced veg section but its the furthest away supermarket from me but worth a looksie if I'm at Bluewater John Lewis.

Mochasmumma Sun 15-Jan-17 23:52:04

We tried ours with a tiny bit of celery today. One hated it, one was ambivalent and the other loved it, in precisely the opposite order than I'd expected!

EastMidsGPs Sat 21-Jan-17 13:09:50

Despite our very best efforts Mollie was not herself at all yesterday and this morning felt very cold, cuddled up for warmth and has the respiratory grunt 😞

Been to see Dr Chris, vitamin shot, pain killers and antibiotics prescribed.
The dreaded elderly piggie illness is upon us.
Am heartened by the fact she has just chased Sadie around the utility room for some parsley and she is warm again.
And she has in the past recovered from similar, although she was much younger.

Paws crossed please, am not sure what we'd all do if she decides to join Oreo, Scruffypig, and all the other pigs who've recently passed.

atheistmantis Sun 22-Jan-17 00:07:46

Fingers crossed for mollie
Our pigs get Timothy grass and local farm hay plus pellets, if they have much veg then one stops producing pellets of poo and produces sludge which I have to get out with a cotton bud and gentle squeezing envyconfusedshockhmm

Mochasmumma Sun 22-Jan-17 00:53:16

Oh, paws crossed for little Mollie. How is she doing now?

EastMidsGPs Sun 22-Jan-17 08:14:20

Mollie is much brighter this morning, she was waiting for breakfast and was almost beside herself with joy when she realised there was some baby leaf lettuce. She did that little dance they do when excited 😃
She isn't grunting, and is not all hunched up.
I turned the little fire they have off and then the door to the hall was also left open and I think she got chilled. Hoping it is this.
She and Sadie are currently cuddled up, wrapped in fleece, watching something ' manly' with DH
Thank you for your concerns smile

EastMidsGPs Sun 22-Jan-17 08:17:13

I do wonder what is in the liquid drugs the vets prescribe - M was thrilled it was medicine time, almost had the syringe out if my hand in her eagerness to take it.

atheistmantis Sun 22-Jan-17 08:43:24

I worry about keeping ours warm, it's down to 12 in here at times. One makes a nest in hay but the other doesn't. Glad o hear that mollie has cheered up.

FernieB Sun 22-Jan-17 11:23:52

Glad Mollie is better today. Gingerpig has started making great haynests in his igloo and is always toasty. Since being alone he's worked out how to convince the DDs that it's good to wrap him in fleece and take him into bed with them under the duvet. He's been watching YouTube and reruns of Glee.

This morning, after previously thinking they were evil, he's decided he really likes green beans. You can throw them, drag them about and eat them. It's the most versatile of veggies.

EastMidsGPs Sun 22-Jan-17 11:41:49

Gingerpig antics have cheered Mollie up, she's eating watermelon pieces, just to keep her strength up you understand😉

Mochasmumma Sun 22-Jan-17 12:24:36

This was the antics last night - I think the hay rack was well and truly dislodged over Pepper!

Glad Mollie is doing better - and partaking in medicinal watermelon sounds an excellent plan

atheistmantis Sun 22-Jan-17 12:36:06

The one at the front looks like our GP, a Black and Tan pig with rosettes?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 22-Jan-17 13:30:33

Aw poor Mollie , this cold isn't good for these exotics (neither is heat, rain or anything in-between that they don't care for grin ) Watermelon is a favourite here , DD eats the flesh and leaves a bit on the skin for the pigs , I'm sure Bert would love to spit the seeds across the floor, dirty boy .

If they get too cold mine bury themselves in their haybeds and leave little pooh nests, their bellies and paws are always warm , their ears are tepid.
Hope she rallies, we need to put a barrier up on The Rainbow Bridge tollgate for a while, keep our SuperFurries on this side.

Ohh Mocha you'll be picking bits of hay off him for hours , mine look like Worzel Gummidge half the time, DD squeals "Oh she's got hay in/near her eye" and eases it away.

One of my pigs was Singing this morning, very soft.
There was chirping on the day that Oreo left us (so not her this time unless she's channeling her inner Derek Acorah) , I think it was GP7 or GP8 from the direction.

Mochasmumma Sun 22-Jan-17 16:01:18

Atheist, it's all one large pig but he is black and tan with rosettes 😊

atheistmantis Sun 22-Jan-17 18:00:48

He's lovely smile

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 23-Jan-17 10:35:45

THe GPs are in the house so haven't really noticed the cold. That hasn't stopped them insisting that they need extra food to get them through the days though. They have decided they do not like cabbage, or cage, or sprounts and were most unimpressed when, having bought 8 the weekend before last (mainly for the buns and hens) that I tried to flog them some.

They did insist on tea at 6 o' clock on Friday, a whole hour before they usually get it. I relented and gave it to them then, mainly as it meant I could nip out and deal with the others then as well, and then batten down the hatches. But I did point out that having it then meant there was no more an hour later. Surprisingly they didn't try their luck!

The rabbits are fine in "their" shed (their one's not ready, but following an attack at the end of last year where I lost two they had to come in as a matter of urgency). They'd rather be outside, and are not convinced this is for their best, especially as I have a habit of cleaning their cage rather too often for their liking (ie ever). Apparently I really love lying on the floor amongtst their wee and poo, trying to get every last bit up. Note of advice - if building c+c cages don't overcomplicate matters, you'll only regret it later!

As for the hens, they're also "suffering", having to be inside. I pointed out it's better for them when the weather's bad (ie most of the time) as they can still wander about and not get wet. But they were not impressed, again, especially with my cleaning efforts yesterday. Hey ho! Unfortunately we did lose one overnight, but she was old so it was expected. I really don't blame the weather, as despite the cold there were 8 hens all huddling together so they can't have been freezing.

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