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So, tonight , The Rainbow Bridge is echoing the tiny claw-steps of GP5.....

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 05-Jan-17 20:19:29

She's gone sad

Oreo Double Stuffed has crossed the Bridge.
She didn't look round and think "Oh, time I went" , she had to be escorted and shown the way by aid of a vets appointment.
She's been unwell, had antibiotics and powders, herbal meds and lots of TLC.
She looked like she was rally-ing . Then I was away (looking after the humans, my DParents) and DD was in charge.
She told me on Wednesday that GP5 was bleeding from her nose and going 'floppy' so I phoned to book That appointment.
I honestly thought she'd go last night or today but she hung on. She was breathing heavily, tucked up and starey coated. Snot round her nostrils.
And not eating now.

Bert accompanied her while she slipped across The Bridge so the last memory she had was her cagemate , DD and I , and the vet , all talking soothing to her.

Better a Day Too Early Than a Day Too Late, I'd have let her stay if I knew 100% that she'd go, but I hand on hand couldn't let her linger.

Little feisty sow who came to live with us via Rescue. Her and GP4 were part of a huge rescue swoop of over 240 piggies. GP4 and GP5 were weaned from their piglets the day before we got them to match with our large Rex boar GP3 . He was neutered and settled with the pair. Then when he died , they got GP6.

My favourite memory of her was the first Summer when , having realised that the bars of the run were not there to be run into, she ran round and round with sheer delight.
She was like a tiny Unicorn with her pointed little crest , chocolate paws,nose and ears, ruby eyes and ivory fur.
She was not a Childs' Pet . She was a bitey little tyke but we loved her gutsy-ness and after her rough start, she deserved a home where she'd be spoiled.

So, we made that painful decision sad
And now she'll be wreaking havoc over the Bridge.
Look out all you RB piggies, she's arrived.

FernieB Thu 05-Jan-17 22:25:16

Poor GP5. flowers. She put up a brave fight - a very feisty pig. She'll need to nip across that bridge quickly if she wants any of the good stuff though, Scruffys been there a couple of days, there may be no heavenly parsley left!

Hope you, DD and the hog herd are okay.

dietcokeandwine Thu 05-Jan-17 22:34:02

Aww 70 sad

Little GP5 sad So sad to lose them, but what a lovely life she had with you and DD. And you are so right about 'better a day too early than a day too late'. I still have pangs for our little tricolour girl who was PTS last year but I know we made the right decision. As you have. Lots of love to you and DD cakebrewflowers

RIP GP5. Go and wrestle Scruffy for a bit of that parsley wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 05-Jan-17 22:38:48


She'll be looking out (as best she can with her short sighted ruby orbs) for scruffy and checking if dill is behaving.

She's lying in State in the indoor run with her cagemates overnight.......Bert was washing her little ears earlier sad as she lay there.

PurpleDaisies Thu 05-Jan-17 22:41:37

Such sad news. It's so awful when they go. I agree, I'm sure she had a wonderful life and been a great ambassador for the ruby eyed Himalayan piggies. I bet she's giving the stink eye to any piggie that dares to steal her veggies.

RIP GP5 flowers

Amethyst81 Fri 06-Jan-17 02:03:08

I'm so sorry for your loss RIP little Piggie flowers
I had to have my beloved bunny put to sleep on Monday and I haven't stopped crying since sad he was an elderly bun and had been getting worse, looking frail and not wanting to hop much. On Monday his back legs went and he was shaking. It all seemed to happen really quickly and I just miss him so much, I keep remembering his funny ways. My eldest DD is so upset, he was her bun really, she says she doesn't want another bunny but I really do. Hop free my special little friend and it has really helped to talk about it here!

EastMidsGPs Fri 06-Jan-17 12:17:37

What a sad few days for our beloved piggies and rabbits. It really is hard when they leave us isn't it?
The decision to PTS is always difficult but in our hearts we know we've done the correct thing by our small furries. Little comfort I know.
(I was so distraught when Lulu was PTS the vet nurse had to make me a cup of tea and phone DH to come and get me.)

Enjoy the heavenly parsley Oreo 🐾🐾

Hope you, your DD and herd are ok 70 flowers

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 06-Jan-17 16:51:47

Yes sad there are spates of SuperFurries tottering to The Bridge.

It was one of those choices that I question myself , was I right? She was so down so quickly (literally within hours, she was ticking along but not really 'living' , just exsisting. Then she plummeted)

In the vets, we peeked at them in the travel box (too many dogs to open the box fully) she looked up at me , I thought "Noooo you're ok, I'll take you home" (after driving an hour to get her there), but I gave myself a mental Kick Up The Arse, she wasn't ok, Very un-okay.

I cleaned the Pighouse , they're going out in the day time tomorrow (they were in while DD was on PigWatch) and in at night.
I bought her a Lock&Lock Box , filled with spinach (her favourite)
Just in case those other Piggies over the bridge swipe all the food smile

toffee1000 Fri 06-Jan-17 16:59:43

It's always sad when a piggie dies. She can join my three who have died (although none died recently). Sounds like a fairly similar situation to my piggie Pepper, don't know what was wrong but she clearly wasn't happy. She died overnight (this was last July).

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 06-Jan-17 22:59:25

My little GP8 was cheering me up today by sitting with her rump under my chin, passing gas'n'droppings <<thanks GP8>> smile and giving me kisses.

I now own only 25% of The Herd (but DD will let me still feel involved by letting me do 75% of the cleaning ..... cheers DD wink )

Jo2017 Fri 06-Jan-17 23:07:09

Ahh it's so awful when we have to let them go. I was distraught for weeks after our bunny died, it's been almost 4 years and I still miss her. We can only take comfort in knowing we gave them loving homes.

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