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SuperFurry Paw Holding needed for poorly GP5

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 21-Dec-16 19:11:41

My little Himmy piggie (GP5) is a bit downhill at the moment sad

(She is going to the GuineaPig Vet so I can see what's ailing her)

She's been a bit quiet (she tends to be the more reserved one in her group) but first to the food bowl and generally pottering about happily.

On Monday, DD and I sorted the piggies bedding and did night feeds. She cuddled GP5, all fine, then I noticed something (I thought hay) in her eye. We picked her up....she was bleeding shock from round her eyes (the skin bit)
We cleaned her eyes with salt water, brought them inside, no bedding hay but solid hay cookies (I'm not 100% what caused it but I'm guessing hay injury)

Next day, much much better , eyes looked fine. But I noticed when she ate (and she still tanks it to the foodbowl and the parsley belll) her ears are "wiggling" when she eats like she's moving her jaw excessively.

So, - no hay to sleep in (her cagemates are hmm ) solid hay or hay in a rack.
In at night now.
And we're syringe feeding her Critical Care.

If it's her back teeth, I'm hoping it'll be a quick remedy (not the easiest bit of a pig to access)
If its not teeth...........I'm stumped.

Wish us luck and soothing paw holds. DD is on Critcal Care duty tomorrow, vets on Friday.

sad Poor girlie.

dietcokeandwine Wed 21-Dec-16 20:47:17

sadsad 70

Fingers crossed it's teeth. That was certainly the case with our ginger pig a few years ago and all was fine once the teeth were sorted.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 21-Dec-16 21:03:48

Eoooo I'm thinking it's more, she was in the Pighouse while we were catching cleaning and her ears were twitching when she wasn't even eating . And she's doing that little "nodding" thing that GP2 did (before he went).
And (more worrying for her) sitting apart from her cagemates. They were in their hutch she was on the floor area.

I'm hoping for the best but I'm prepared for worst sad

PurpleDaisies Wed 21-Dec-16 21:06:25

Oh, poor piggy. My himmy (and me) sends good luck to

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 21-Dec-16 21:11:16

Thank You - they're so vunerable aren't they?

(Wasn't I right though about them picking their moments to be ill? ) <<sigh>>

PurpleDaisies Wed 21-Dec-16 21:16:59

(Wasn't I right though about them picking their moments to be ill? ) <<sigh>>

You were spot on! My poorly Mrs pig is still hanging on in there but for find reason Mr Pig isn't picking up after his latest teeth file in the way that he normally does. It happened Friday and he's normally back to normal by Sunday at the very latest but this time he's still chewing slowly and I caught him wheezing yesterday evening. I'll be ringing the vet Friday for advice given the Christmas closures. It would be the fourth visit in a week. We've only got one car at the moment because I wrote mine off last week in an accident. It all comes at once doesn't it?!

Really hope your lovely piggy is ok. Maybe she'll take a leaf out of my girly pig's book and be ok again in the morning.

FernieB Wed 21-Dec-16 21:49:33

Poor GP5flowers. Hope she perks up. They do pick their moments. Good luck with the vet tomorrow.

And Mr and Mrs Pig are under the weathersad. Hopefully they're all just overexcited for Christmas.

EastMidsGPs Thu 22-Dec-16 07:02:19

Oh Purple I hope you are ok after your accident?

EastMidsGPs are sending positive thoughts and vibes to allpiggirs under the weather at the moment.
They are a worry aren't they? But we owners somehow know when there is something wrong don't we?

Positivity vibes sent from Sadie and Mollie.

Fetching mine home as Mollie doesn't look as rotund as normal and suspect she might be overwhelmed by care by kiddies!

PurpleDaisies Thu 22-Dec-16 08:58:25

I'm fine thanks-just a bit of neck stiffness which is almost gone now. It was an excellent demonstration of how crumple zones keep passengers safe in an accident so unfortunately the car needs replacing. It was an old heap of junk so would cost more to fix than it was worth. Buying a new car just before Christmas wasn't exactly what we had planned but we had been talking about replacing it for a while so it's not a disaster, just a nuisance.

Good news from the purple pigs. Mr pig is up on his weight on yesterday and looking much more his normal cheeky self. Mrs pig came sprinting out for breakfast (you've got to move fast with the other Mrs pigs around-little hoovers) and seems fine. They're all currently munching.

How's gp5 today?

EastMidsGPs Thu 22-Dec-16 09:43:29

This news has cheered me up no end 😃
Glad to hear no lasting damage to you flowers
Smiling at Mrs Pig sprinting out for breakfast! And weight gain in a piggie is always a good sign ... or so Mollie claims wink

periwinklepickspoppies Thu 22-Dec-16 09:49:41

Sending vibes from here today, our Gp1 and 2 died in the last few days, just gp3 left now.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 23-Dec-16 10:17:13

Oh sad peri how is GP3 fareing on their own?

GP5 is still lurking in life, she's been subjected to the horror of syringe feeding (and she's my only bitey piggie so that's always a bit hair raising)

Last night her dropping were loose so I put her in a box of hay on her own, next to the other cages for company. Had to weigh up eyes or bowels as I don't know what scratched her eyes before.

She slept quietly, very few dropping unfortunately, and joined her friends for breakfast.
But she's just so Meh sad

Vets today.

periwinklepickspoppies Fri 23-Dec-16 16:00:04

It's hard to tell, we've only had him for a fortnight - we were looking after him for a local animal sanctuary but decided to keep him. He's settled well despite having been mistreated before and being very nervous at first. We're getting another rescue pig next week, also fostered but we will see.
I'm not sure how an adult boar and a 6 month old boar will get on, time will tell.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 23-Dec-16 17:43:50

GP5 - is in an almighty sulk now having been :listened to with a stethoscope, had a magify/light down her throat, her teeth filed, and her temperature taken (not under the armpit either wink )

So, she has antibiotics,powder to clear the mucous and some herbal drops.
Her pooh is still loose so we need to keep a close eye on what she eats and make sure she has enough roughage (I'll keep her in her own box at night again then she can savour her veg rather than eating before her lardy cagemate get it all. And she needs to get the powder not them)

She's still very subdued. I'm hoping she pulls the stops out but I'm fully prepared that sometimes despite all good intentions they slip across the bridge without a backward glance .

FernieB Fri 23-Dec-16 19:54:52

Poor GP5 having to go through all that and at Christmas toofsad. Hope she perks up - perhaps the sight of the festive veggies will help.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 23-Dec-16 20:04:45

No veg (well not none but limited ) for GP5, we just had to wash an poonami off her back legs sad

She's wrapped in a towel eating her medicated cucumber now and she'll have her own sleepy box tonight.

Her cagemates went to lend moral support. I did go all through the "Will we come home with a pig or won't we" scenario and thought if she has to "go" she'll want her cagemates beside her. (I am a very poor 2nd for GP5 wink )
So GP4 and GP6 accompanied her

Next couple of days will involve some intensive care from DD and myself. Luckily we have a quiet Christmas planned.

PurpleDaisies Fri 23-Dec-16 20:08:58

Oh bless her. Purple pigs send their good wishes. The poonami was probably revenge for the temperature taking.

Really hope she rallies. flowers

periwinklepickspoppies Fri 23-Dec-16 20:36:17

I hope she rallies too, it's horrible when they are poorly. Gp3 is wandering round like a lost soul, roll on next week when he will have a new friend.

Millimat Fri 23-Dec-16 22:22:42

Aww hope she is OK x

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 24-Dec-16 09:47:36

peri our GP1 and GP3 were on their own for a week while we sorted out new cagemates. They were in DD room at night and in their Pighouse (with all the familiar smells and sights before we deep cleaned) that I found the saddest bit, eradicated all trace of the piggie tthat's gone.

Is it a 6 month they've offered you? Or is GP3 the teenager?

My piggie is eating breakfast (well at 7am she was fgrin ) I woke up at 2am and felt sorry for her on her own so (as there was nothing nasty in her bedding) I put her in with her cagemates.
She wheeked really loud for a good 3-4 minutes then pootled off to join them.

She'll never make an Undercover Secret Agent Spy with that level of "LookAtMe" and........she could've sang but she simply CBA grin

Hopefully onwards and upwards, keep eating GP5.

fortifiedwithtea Sat 24-Dec-16 11:42:53

Millie and I are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for GP5 flowers shamrock

periwinklepickspoppies Sat 24-Dec-16 13:23:02

Finger cross still for GP5.
GP3 is 3, GP4 is 18 weeks old. GP1 was 8 and GP2 about 6/7.

EastMidsGPs Sun 25-Dec-16 07:12:02

Happy Christmas to all the super furries
Those of you in ill-health we hope you are feeling more perky today, for those of you in rude health - go easy on the sprouts!

We've not been given our presents yet, apparently we need to wait till after breakfast😞
Best wishes Mollie and Sadie x

EastMidsGPs Sun 25-Dec-16 07:20:25

Mollie was 3 when her cagemate died unexpectedly, we were on holiday and thought she'd be ok but different routine, smells and loneliness etc saw her become really depressed really quickly. Couldn't find a local rescue so had to buy a baby from pet shop
Although Mollie wasn't impressed, we didn't have any problems really. When Sadie was boisterous Mollie would nudge her and give her a 'you've still here' look. Bickering aplenty but no violence.

Now year and a half on, Mollie has has a new lease of life, chatters constantly and is super happy. Sadie has settled into a lovely teenager with the added bonus of being shown how to be naughty by Mollie -climbing over a little stone wall and into the strawberries for example.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 25-Dec-16 13:30:11

Merry Christmas To All and All the SuperFurryAnimals fgrin

OreoDoubleStuffed has decreed that she'll pose for Festives Photos tonight with her cagemates.

We have an Animals Fed First rule in our house so Mollie'n'Sadie were 100% right to make you wait till after breakfast (I'm guessing they mean after their breakfast)
They were very wheekey this morning and anticipating Christmas Veg .

DD will be looking after all the pigs when I visit my DParents.
She gets a present from "Oregon" (collective name for Oreo and Tarragon fgrin ) but I need to work out the monetary value this time.
There's less work because they'll be indoors so only two cages to clean.
But more because of the medication to administer.
Last time she got a wallet and makeup. ........

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