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Hamster toilet habits

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ImLadybird Sat 17-Dec-16 21:39:20

Hi, just wondering whether anybody had any advice. We got a Syrian hamster last week. She's still quite young but pretty big. She's got a lovely sweet nature and seems very happy. We let her out to run around a lot, she has plenty of fresh veg, snacks, toys, a big wheel etc. I've had hamsters before so pretty much know what I'm doing. Her behaviour seems very normal in every way except one. She wees in her bed. Usually they pick a corner downstairs, as far from their bed as possible. She has had an occasional wee in the corner, I can see damp wood shavings, but mostly, I think it's in her bed. She comes out slightly damp and a bit smelly. She cleans a lot - she hasn't let herself go and turned into a tramp, it's just the bed wetting that's bothering me. Is there anything I can do to encourage her to wee somewhere else? Or will she grow out of it? Thanks!

pipsqueak25 Thu 22-Dec-16 23:39:07

my hammies have done this too, they became really whiffy, but then i think they got fed up with the smell and sorted the loo thing out themselves, as long as she isn't getting wet fur and looking poorly she might sort it out for herself.

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