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Millie Update

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fortifiedwithtea Sun 04-Dec-16 13:28:59

Hi haven't posted for a while as up to my eyes in work. However the entire family is out at the moment and I have a few minutes peace smile

To re-cap, Millie lost her friend and a couple of weeks later she had to go into boarding at the local rescue because we were abroad for an ice skating competition. During her stay at the rescue Millie was matched up with a new friend that we were going to have for the remaining life of Millie and fostered piggy would then go back to the rescue.

Collected Millie and all seemed fine, she was snuggled up with new friend. But then we got them home. Another story, new friend was constantly at the water bottle. I had to get a second bottle to cope. The hutch had to be cleaned daily to cope with the rivers of pee. Millie was a bully, blocked friend in the pigloo so that had to be removed. Constant rumbling, attempts to bite. Friend was not having a happy time and it was distressing to watch. I washed out the hutch and gave them new tunnels to play with. That worked for a few hours but the low key aggression returned. I contacted the rescue who said instantly that they would have friend back.

So bye bye piggy it was nice knowing you, glad you can return to your rescue friends in the piggy retirement sanctuary. Such a shame it didn't work out and made me feel really sad. One thing was obvious had we had foster piggy for months not just a week I'd have found it very hard to return her.

I mentioned the excessive drinking and rescue lady suggested it was caused by stress. Sure enough now Millie is on her own the drinking has stopped. In fact it gone he other way an she is not using her bottle at all confused

The behaviour is out of character as Millie is a sweet piggy and was always a bit of a mum to her friends. The lump on her bum has grown so maybe she doesn't feel great.

Poor Millie has looked very lonely/bit sorry for herself since rescue piggy went.

But she will see another guinea soon. A friend of DD1 has asked if we would look after their single sow for a week at Christmas time. This sow is 4 years old and I think she has been on her own for awhile. I intend to have them in the same hutch. But if they don't get on, I have a spare hutch I can bring in the lounge and they can just look at each other through the bars. Don't know how everything will fit into one room, potentially 3 dressmaking dummys, 2 hutches and 1Christmas tree shock I'll manage some how grin

FernieB Sun 04-Dec-16 18:49:10

Sorry it didn't work out for Millie and friend, but it's great that she'll have a friend to visit for Christmas.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 05-Dec-16 20:47:09

Poor Millie - maybe in neutral territory she accepted the new friend but on her "Home Turf" things were different?

She definately sounds more settled without the other piggie (though the Lend-A-Friend idea does sound fabulous in principle)

Sows (as you know) can be right little toads. (My new girls and my original girls just don't want to gel, still evil looks through the bars but they can chat) Bert just moseys about looking gormless and hopeful in equal measure grin )

Hopefully she'll get along with her festive visitor, is she just staying for Christmas or might this be longer term?
How did the ice skating go BTW?

fortifiedwithtea Tue 06-Dec-16 19:57:50

Aww love Bert. I know the look you mean, Todd looked forever hopeful once the girly pigs arrived wink

Festive friend is just for Christmas while her family are on holiday.

Ice skating was great DD2 won gold in her category with a personal best score smile

pipsqueak25 Fri 30-Dec-16 14:21:32

well done dd for your skating, hope the christmas piggy situation worked out okay

fortifiedwithtea Sun 01-Jan-17 10:10:43

Thanks pipsqueak25

Guinea pig Christmas guest never arrived confused. I have to assume the family made other arrangements but think its bad form not to have told me.

Millie has settled into her life as an only piggy. Eating well, keeping an eye on us from her hutch in the lounge Enjoys a lap time snuggle on thick layer of blanket she always wees on us and she likes to lick us dominance because she is the boss wink

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