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Bun fights!

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Evilstepmum01 Tue 29-Nov-16 10:34:35

Help! Our bunnies are fighting more and more and not sure how to sort this!
We have 'hippo bun', our rescue dwarf and 'fluffy bun' our young dwarf/lionhead bun bought as a friend. Hippo bun has been speyed, fluffy bun is about 5 months and will be speyed after christmas.
They are in seperate adjoining cages and get on ok ish. During the day, hippo bun is out in her run in garden, fluffy is in the house. (we have been unable to find a decent outdoor run for fluffy but will be buying one and putting her in garden beside hippo's run once weather improves).
Fluff gets out for a run in house in afternoon then they are both out for a run in house every evening (hippo always comes in at night).
Most nights start well, they have a sniff, snuggle and we go aawww! Fluff is always nervy but with good reason cos one minute they'll be rubbing heads, the next Hippo just bites her bum and then starts attacking fluff!
Cant see the reason, it just starts. Does hippo not want fluff to go racing away?
Territory is a problem, hippo marks everything! They used to jump in and out of each others cages but Hippo got narky and chases fluff out her own cage so we monitor that.
Last night fluff bit back and there was a regular fur cloud. they'd been snuggling and playing for a while then this fight just breaks out!
We realise as the older bun Hippo is the bun in charge but she rounds on wee fluff for no reason. one minute grooming, the next bite! fluff's a bag of nerves!
They do love each other, how do I resolve this? I guess they'll never share a house sadly, but how do we address this aside from neutering wee one?

froglou Wed 30-Nov-16 13:26:30

This sounds familiar, may have spoken to you before about this or something similar, is the PAH lion dwarf cross?
There's nothing you really can do apart from neutering, she is old enough to be neutered (most can be done from 4 months) assuming you have a reason for putting it off though. It will take a minimum of a couple weeks to months for the hormones to come out of her system, so it will take a while either way.
Dwarf rabbits don't tend to mix well as they're quite territorial naturally (the smaller the angrier!) . And there's added competition as they're both female, and both trying to compete to be the "top" female. Apart from trying calming sprays or plug ins like pet remedy there's not much you can do, it's just an unfortunate pairing sad

Evilstepmum01 Wed 30-Nov-16 14:03:19

Hi. yes! I did post a few months ago! Same person! sorry! Just feel like we're doing everything wrong!
Last night they were out and playing/snuggling for ages! No fights, just pure bunny love! The wee bawbags!!
Neutering as soon as we can afford it! Hippo is pure dwarf but you can see she likes her wee pal, looks for her, greets her happily. Fluff is just a lovely wee bun who wants to be everyones friend. She really likes hippo too!
An unfortunate pairing. I guess its seperate cages and supervised playtime then. We just wanted them to be happy and have a friend!
At least they'll still get contact! grin

froglou Wed 30-Nov-16 14:28:13

You're doing everything right female dwarfs can just be temperamental little things!
Your plan sounds great, just make sure you health check them if they do have a scuffle they can hide some pretty bad cuts under all their fluff!I know I sound dramatic but I once looked after a rabbit who's bite got infected and he had to have the leg amputated.
Also if they have a proper fight don't stick your arm/leg in the middle because you will get bit and it will hurt! Try and distract them (clapping, banging etc) before you physically separate them for your own good! I separated a degu fight once (big gerbils of you haven't seen them) and got a nip on the finger, I bled heavily for half an hour and my entire hand was bruised for a month!
The only other thing I would suggested is keeping on top of clipping their claws so they're as short as possible just for damage limitation!

Evilstepmum01 Wed 30-Nov-16 23:57:17

Aww thanks, they're little witches! I do check them for scratches, but so far all good.
Not sure if fluff fighting back may have been a good thing, they're all loved up again and snuggling with each other! Fab!
Respect to you breaking up degus!! I just clap and shout, that usually works! Our dog comes thru to lick them if the fighting gets too intense!
Love the wee scamps tho! smile

squiz81 Thu 01-Dec-16 16:59:45

Two rabbits of the same sex that aren't from the same litter are hard to bond. I had three separate gangs of rabbits for years because of fighting. It was only once we were down to 3 rabbits they all got on. I think they were too old to care any more!

You need some neutral territory for bonding. Could you try doing it at a friend's house and then reintroduce them to one space at your house. Just make sure you neutralise the space by cleaning with vinegar solution. Maybe you could try it once the other bunny is spayed?

Evilstepmum01 Thu 01-Dec-16 23:48:33

You had gangs of rabbits? Love it! grin

Since this post, the little madams have been lovely, all best friends and snuggly! No scrapping! Altho Fluff is sticking her head up hippo's bum but speying should sort that!
We found our hall to be neutral territory so we put them both there, that seems to be working again!
Ah, vinegar solution-I forgot about that! It hides the smell of pee, right? Thanks, that'll help!!

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