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How/where to buy gerbils?

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Crystalline Wed 09-Nov-16 12:24:31

After lots of consideration I am considering getting a pair of gerbils. I've done a lot of reading, have my eye on a nice home for them etc.
However, I'm a bit stumped on where to actually get them from... Pets at Home is the 'obvious' place close to me, however I've seen that that is frowned up. The problem is that I'm coming up blank when I search for local breeders. What should I be searching for? Is there a particular website for this which I am missing? I've got my eye on the local re-homing place but they don't have a suitable pair at the moment.

mintthins Wed 09-Nov-16 12:28:02

You could ask a couple of local vets if they know of a specialist or other local re-homer. Ours were re-homed from a rescue that only the vets knew about - she did it in her own home.

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