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Which cage for Syrian

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hedgehogsarecoming Mon 31-Oct-16 16:34:06

Can't decide looking to get a bigger one

rightsaidfrederickII Mon 31-Oct-16 20:43:33

The bigger the better is usually a good guide to hamster cages - and a minimum of 360 square inches of floor space excluding any shelves (e.g. 12" x 30") is typically recommended (but no hamster was ever harmed by a larger cage!)

Do you have a particular budget you need to stick to / any size constraints (e.g. due to a table it has to fit on)?

If I had to point you in the direction of a good, large hamster cage, then the Hamster Heaven is frequently recommended (£67)

If you're on a tighter budget and / or happy to do a bit of crafting, then you could look at some DIY options, e.g.
Bin Cage
Modified IKEA Detolf
Or if you want something stylish and hamster friendly, a modified IKEA Expedit would be the rolls royce of homemade cages!

Have you been considering any particular cages that you'd like feedback on?

ILoveAutumnLeaves Wed 16-Nov-16 03:29:35

We have the Laura - it's smaller than the one rightsaidfred linked to and it's been pretty good. That said, she comes out every evening into a large 'bin' & is MAD for her 'ball' and fusses to get into it. We take her out for regular rest/wee breaks, but she tatters on to get back in! I think she'd stay in the ball for an entire day if she was allowed 😂

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