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Guinea pigs and fireworks?

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miserablesod Sat 29-Oct-16 11:27:52

I've been wanting guinea pigs for a couple of years now, read up on what they eat, how to keep them warm, how to line their cage, the mess they make wink etc. I have decided they would be kept outside, i have my heart set on a big hutch that has access to a good sized run (although they will get the run of the garden when we are out there to watch them). One thing that always holds me back. Fireworks.

What do others do with their outdoor piggies when there are fireworks? The hutch cover isn't going to be sound proof. They must get scared. Me and dp are just talking about what we would do, he suggests we buy an indoor cage and bring them indoors for the nights when there are fireworks. Would they be able to handle that? For example the change in temperature? Or would it be better to put the cage in the shed and make sure they have a heat pad in there?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 30-Oct-16 20:07:14

Fireworks are a pain in the backside outside of Nov 5th and NYE.
We have had several batches going off round here.
I don't want to bring my piggies in yet, so the plan here is loads of insulating bedding to hide in (which they have anyway) and a radio (I've got an old battery operated radio though we have a power supply in the Pighouse) set to LBC so they have constant 'voice' noise.

There is no 'best' way with piggies.
You can have them in at night if you keep the temperatures constant.
A shed is good but the light is limited for them.

Snugglepads are good to tuck into the bedding, they provide up to 8 hours slow diffused warmth.

sadly its not just firweorks that you need to consider.
Heat, cold, damp, draughts, foxes, cats. Pigs need protected .

They are messy grin and lovely.
we have 5 (neutered boar + 2 sows in one group, 2 sows in another group) all different characters.

fortifiedwithtea Sun 30-Oct-16 20:34:51

70 excellent advice but now I have the image of your hogs larding around on a Sunday morning listening to Steve Allen grin my favourite makes the long drive to the ice rink bearable.

Goingtobeawesome Sun 30-Oct-16 20:37:28

We brought ours in last weekend as it was pretty cold and this is their second bonfire night. They live in the biggest cage we could get in the lounge. Puppy and piggies together and they love it grin.

EastMidsGPs Mon 31-Oct-16 13:04:20

Ours are indoors for the winter in the utility room. But we've had at least a month of some local idiot setting fireworks off. Local cats and dogs are going crazy.
We've got the noise of the house and I cover their hutch with a double folded duvet .. even with all of this Sadie is very jumpy and is needing lots of cuddles. I am dreading this week and over next weekend

FernieB Mon 31-Oct-16 20:07:29

My Lardy boys (2 pigs and one bun) barely notice the fireworks. They live indoors anyway but even the loudest bangs don't bother them. I've rushed through to them many a time to check on them and they're always either eating or sleeping through the noise. They just don't seem to hear the bangs. If, however, I open the fridge door - that really disturbs them😀

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Nov-16 14:22:19

I have cobbled together some temp indoor accomodation for the hogs.

The bigger cage in DD room (sorry piggies she snores)
The smaller cage in the small bedroom (sorry ladies you get to look at baskets of laundry waiting to go into the wash)

Snorer or washing?
Hmm ....Decisions.

Its only for a few nights while we have the fireworks. I'll get woken up tomorrow with a cavy or three (not all five together, imagine the malarky)

dietcokeandwine Fri 04-Nov-16 22:33:37

My indoor pigs are rarely bothered by fireworks either Fernie.

I suspect this is because our household is so flipping noisy that the whirs and bangs of fireworks seem positively tranquil in comparison.

SoftSheen Fri 04-Nov-16 22:48:11

I had guinea-pigs and rabbits which lived outside almost all year round (barring any extreme weather situations). We would bring the hutches into the garage for a few days around bonfire night, and put a thick piece or carpet over the front of the hutch whilst bangs were going off. I should emphasise that the garage didn't contain a car and was kept well ventilated, with the lights on during the day. Rabbits in particular prefer a relatively cool temperature, and after living outside, the centrally-heated part of the house would have been too hot for them.

We also had a cat who was completely unconcerned by fireworks, and would stretch out on the carpet purring whilst the bangs went of outside!

Pyrrha Sat 05-Nov-16 09:05:22

My indoor pigs aren't bothered, maybe pause for a minute when they start up, then just go back to eating and pooing!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 06-Nov-16 20:54:42

Poor DD was woken up during the night (Fri/Sat nights) by the prowling rumbling of GP6. grin, she reckons one/both of the girls was on season (GP4 was peeing alot, marking the new territory so could be) .

It was bloody freezing here , we went out to a Fireworks display and I was really glad the guineas were indoors, but because we had to leave the windows open a bit, they got the full effect of the noises, so they were hmm .

GP7 and GP8 were shredding their cardboard hidey boxes at 3am. I went all the way to Costco to get them, Piggies, you non appreciative little mammals.

They're out in the Pighouse tonight, Snugglepads, tons of hay , all cosy......and quiet grin

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