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We are getting a loan guinea pig

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fortifiedwithtea Tue 25-Oct-16 14:05:59

So we have Millie, a very old piggy but apart from a few lumps and massive amount of water retention she is looking like she will be with us some time yet.

But we are going to be away soon and need to board her for nearly a fortnight where she will hear and see other guineas. Rescue lady very keen to bond her with a friend whilst she is in her care. I explained I had pledged the family that Millie will be the last Fortified Pig.

Solution, Millie will find a friend from one of the many elderly piggies in the rescue sanctuary but friend will always belong to the Rescue. Meaning when Millie passes over the Rainbow Bridge loan piggy goes back to the rescue. How easy that will be in reality is another matter. I've suggested Rescue find a friend with pink eyes in the hope that I won't get too attached to it. I'm squeamish about eyes and never find the pink/red eyed piggies very appealing. Exception being Himmies.

I'm kind of excited for Millie smile

FernieB Tue 25-Oct-16 14:15:41

How very Swiss! This is what they have to do by law in Switzerland as you are not legally allowed to have an only pig. Millie will have to take up the alpine horn, start yodelling and wear a little cowbellwink.

It sounds like a great idea. For the rescue they get relieved of the daily cost of pig keeping for one of their brood, the foster pig gets a great home, Millie gets a companion and you get a fosterpig. When my pigs go over the bridge, I'm 'not allowed' to get any more of my own, but we've agreed I can be a fosterer for rescue pigs/buns. Not sure how easily I'll be able to give them up when homes are found - I suspect my 10 page questionnaire, extreme in depth interrogation and practical pig keeping exam will put off most peoplegrin

fortifiedwithtea Tue 25-Oct-16 16:23:40

Thanks Fernie. The idea has not gone well with the family, who think I will not be able to give up a pig when the time comes. I've told them I will just have to be strong.

Rescue didn't have to persuade me much, I'm feeling a bit guilty about Millie being on her own. Not that Millie is showing any signs of stress.

RattieOfCatan Thu 27-Oct-16 13:48:31

Oh that's great smile I had heard of this scheme in other countries before (due to the laws preventing ownership of a loner!) and it's nice to see it happening here too!

To warn you though, our old (rat) boy Ben was 'lent' to us to keep our old boy Howl company by a friend of our breeder. The intention being that Ben went back to her when either a) Howl passed away or b) when we relocated in September, whichever came first (unless Ben passed away before then, as he was also over 2!). The relocation came first, we booked two baby boys from Breeder to keep Howl company and informed Ben's owner that we'd bring him back in August. She then offered to let us keep him. Guess who came to Essex with us when we relocated along with the two booked baby boys too grin wink

fortifiedwithtea Sun 30-Oct-16 19:45:10

Encouraged that Super Furry Owners think its a good idea smile

Packed Millie off to boarding this afternoon. Gave her a spruce up first. Nails clipped and bathed in Gorgeous Guinea shampoo. She spent a couple of hours on my lap wrapped in a blanket after having the hair dryer to make sure she was really dry.

She will be meeting a little white sow with pink eyes who is 5 years old. Fingers crossed Millie makes friends.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 30-Oct-16 19:57:19

Oooh Good Luck Millie grin

(And good luck on returning the loan piggie - those pink eyed demons get right under your skin, they have eyes like cut glass, really intense), you might well end up keeping her.
Mwah ha ha.

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