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Bereaved guinea pig advice

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Millimat Fri 21-Oct-16 06:41:44

So here we are once again. After 7 weeks of critical care we need to say enough is enough. Poor GP3 is not going to recover and we have thought about his quality of life. Tonight will be his last visit to the vet sad
We go away in 2 days so remaining gp is going to gp boarding where at least he will be surrounded by other guinea pigs. Once back we're off to a rescue.
What do we do tonight? Do we clean his cage or leave it with all familiar smells of his buddy?

FernieB Fri 21-Oct-16 09:07:46

Sorry to hear about GP3. Poor boy, but you're right to put quality of life first. flowers.

The cage thing is a tough one. Are you taking his friend with him to the vets? It might be good for them to be together - less stressful for them both as bereaved pig can sniff GP3's body after and spend a few minutes processing what's happening. In your situation I might be inclined to leave the cage (unless it's particularly manky) and give it a deep clean once he's gone on holiday. Having said that, my boys need almost daily cleaning anyway, so I doubt I could get away with it. After Smoothpig died I cleaned out the cage straightaway but he died at home during the night so Scruffy had already spent some time with him and I felt it should be done for hygiene.

Millimat Fri 21-Oct-16 19:32:17

No I'm thinking dh will take gp on his own. Children will be here with me, prob cuddling the other one. I'm too much of a softie to take him sad

fortifiedwithtea Sat 22-Oct-16 14:38:01

DD1 took Millie with Shai when Shai was pts for Shai's sake as she could never bear to be away from Millie. Millie had been a good nurse grooming and snuggling up to Shai in the days before. However at the vet's she didn't appear the least bit interested in sniffing Shai's body. I think her own fear of the vet was uppermost in her mind. Millie couldn't wait to get back in the pet carrier.

Take GP3's friend along for the ride if it will comfort GP3, depends on their bond I suppose.

Since we lost Shai, Millie has been more accepting of cuddles from humans but a lot less vocal - missing her demands for food.

Sorry for all Super Furry Animals Owners making this decision this weekend flowers

pipsqueak25 Sun 23-Oct-16 16:43:43

i'd lleave the cage mess for now and deep clean when gp goes to boarding,
it's great you are going to get a rescue so many of these little furries are cast aside, i used to have a small rescue centre myself] and they are such unassuming little creatures, hope your remaining gp will be okay and you will find a new house mate. [gp at vets sad].

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