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Guinea pig dilemma

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Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 14-Oct-16 10:36:16

We have acquired two guinea pigs ( males and bonded) that are currently outdoor guineas ... the lady who we are getting them from said they have been sleeping outside etc with plenty of hay, straw, cosies and an insulated hutch with cover - so we felt confident doing the same ( they would be in a shed area).

Whilst purchasing some equipment yesterday I was chatting with a cashier who said if they are outdoor guineas I can't bring them indoors ever because the change in temp would shock them confused

I was planning on letting them have free reign of a room downstairs during the day whilst the little ones are out, plenty of social time and interaction then hutch at night as above ....

Is this not wise?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 14-Oct-16 13:36:30

You will get the best of their lovely little characters if you let them inside for a pootle.
Providing the room is cool and you give them some juicy veg (like cucumber) to nibble. Make a guinea village with lots of boxes (no staples/sellotape. Cut two doors so one doesn't trap the other) Tunnels, Primark bags (paper) with the handles cut off.

They'll likely lard about in their sleeping area in the hutch so they need a bit of excercise.

When you put them to bed, nice fresh bedding and a Snuggle pad to insulate them.

It's going from Hot>Cold or Cold>Hot that is harmful.

Mine sleep in the small bedroom in winter (no heating on and I open the window a bit ) then they go out in their Pighouse by day (I put the fresh bedding out in the morning in winter and put their little heater on 30 minutes before they go out, so the temperature is ambient)

Some people say don't use straw but TBH, the straw I;'ve been buying (Pet straw not horse) is way softer than the hay. I bank it round the edge and put newspaper over it, then the hay.
If you have baby piggies or nervous ones you need to be careful, but the things I've pulled out of hay....... sticks, thistles, a WING shock , the soft straw is much softer . !

Enjoy your new boys.........and Pigtures............. smile

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Fri 14-Oct-16 13:59:31

Thank you! They are currently snuggled into a snuggle tunnel bed thing blush inside an igloo surrounded by hay and straw squeaking / cooing away which I hope is a happy noise!

pipsqueak25 Sat 15-Oct-16 16:56:57

any chance of some piccys ?i love guineas smile

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sat 15-Oct-16 17:32:57

Only have 1 at mo as fending off four excited children also! This is Harry yesterday settling into his new home with some old bedding that smells like him grin

dailybabystuff Sat 15-Oct-16 17:48:18

I regret never letting our many guinea pigs roam around more, but we had cats and I could see it ending badly, also they do like to run under things...I would say they will adapt as long as you really insulate the hutch on cold nights and perhaps don't let them in a room that's very overwarm?
Darling little things, they go "wheep wheep" when they hear you bringing their daily supplement of greens.

dailybabystuff Sat 15-Oct-16 17:49:14

Iamnotaceleb he is beautiful but I hope he has company soon, they are not solitary animals but prefer to live in a group.

dailybabystuff Sat 15-Oct-16 17:50:08

Doh! Realise now you said you have 2 boys. What a thoughtful idea having a bit of familiar bedding.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Oct-16 09:02:00

Oh Harry is gorgeous , is he a Himmy ? (Difficult to tell on the photo , he's hiding his nose grin Are his eyes ruby? )

I have a Himmy sow with a rossette/crest on her forehead , she looks like a tiny unicorn among the Lardy Tri Colours.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 09:19:07

We have a pair smile id be lonely on my own too grin

I honestly don't know what type he is blush

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 09:19:52

He has what looks like a gap in his fur on his little head - like a parting

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 09:23:59

I shall take photos of Lloyd at playtime - he has more curly / bushy fur

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Oct-16 10:03:05

Yes we need photos of both boys grin

Himmys are white/ivory with points (like a Siamese cat) dark ears/dark feet/dark nose (which darkens last out of all the points) either chocolate or black; and pink/red eyes (or as my pig calls them 'Ruby' eyes because some people think red eyes are creepy shock )

There is a newer colour (which I covet madly but I'm not getting Any More Pigs ) the Californian which has a golden coat and points.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Oct-16 10:04:32

Ooh Harry & Lloyd - Dumb & Dumber ? wink

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 10:58:04

blush yep! DH was a fan of dumb and dumber as a kid - and one of our Dc with ASD is severely speech delayed so it's convenient he can say those names!

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 10:59:23

Here's Harry displaying his parting grin currently they are sniffing out the temporary play pen thing whilst we construct a bigger indoor run!

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 11:00:09

Ps carrots are a treat - not an everyday thing! Read online they are too high in sugar

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Sun 16-Oct-16 11:01:25

This is shy Lloyd. He tends to just mooch around hiding behind Harry mainly - he's much more skittish than his brother

pipsqueak25 Sun 16-Oct-16 15:16:38

thanks for pix of harry and lloyd - they're sweeties smile, guinea pig mad me !

EastMidsGPs Tue 18-Oct-16 16:47:33

Ooohh cute piggies smile

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