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Have to tell DD her guinea pig has died

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twothree Tue 11-Oct-16 13:16:03

She died this morning while DD was at school. I was surprised how emotional I got. Having been used to dogs I have always felt quite emotionally detached from the GPs. Not an easy conversation coming up with DD. She'll be gutted. I'm sure once she's over the shock she'll want another one though, which I think will be a good idea as we're left with only one now and I wouldn't want her to be lonely.

I'd appreciate any tips on how to introduce a new pig. As I understand they need to be kept separate for a while?

Oh and wish me luck with DD!

EastMidsGPs Tue 11-Oct-16 17:20:35

So sorry to hear this. How old is DD?
Having a memorial of some sort always helps. Drawing memory pictures etc.
And a burial .. but dig deep .. to stop fixes digging said piggie up.
Our departed GPs have a stepping stone head stone. Bought from the garden centre for usually about a fiver, we've managed to find one with a wren, another with a hedgehog and one that looks like wood bark. A plant relevant to pig's name is also nice.
Yes to finding a friend for the remaining pig. You'll find loads if advice on here and please consider a rescue pig.

froglou Tue 11-Oct-16 21:04:16

Look at rescues so you can find a similar size and age gpig, as introducing a small young teenage gp is going to be trouble. You'll need to separate the cage with some sort of make shift divider and slowly introduce them to each other, scattering things like veg and treats at first to keep them occupied. Good lucksmile

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