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my guinea pigs are being VERY NOISY! what funny/cute things your pet(s) does/do?

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IWasGintyMarlowe Fri 07-Oct-16 00:29:11

my guinea pigs are being very noisy at the moment, bless them. i can hear them in the next room flipping their food bowls around! i have to give them a separate bowl otherwise one hogs the others or they fight! i have two sows and one is definitely more dominant than the other. oh and one of them has this plastic pigloo (hidey house) that she loves to slip over with her nose! it is hilarious! the other piggie waits for me to come home if i have been out and when i get in sits by the bowl on her haunches and goes wheek wheeek wheek! for dandelions! it is so cute

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 07-Oct-16 15:15:28

grin they are very, very food orientated animals and love routine.

Our boar was the noisiest pig in Rescue , always the first to shout for food. When he moved in with GP4 and GP5 they were delighted to have a loud voice to add to the mix.

We have GP4/GP5/GP6 in one group and GP7/GP8 as a duo .
GP7 is fast grabbing the Noisiest Pig Award from the boar.
We give ours shallow metal dog bowls which they clang to show their displeasure at how empty they are grin

GP6 ( soppy git of a cavy) is a spoiled rotten under-the-thumb type , makes an array of noises and does the 'planking' thing that toddlers do, making his back go straight instead of curling like a hedgehog.

This Winter, I really want one of them to Sing. I have four sows and the boar. Surely one of them can go into the song.

GameOldBirdz Fri 07-Oct-16 15:16:21

My dog screams whenever she yawns. Idiot.

FernieB Fri 07-Oct-16 19:16:44

Scruffypig was very shouty but now in his dotage, he's quietened down a lot. Gingerpig is forever making noises and likes to ring his bell (on his hay rack) at 2am. He's an incredibly chatty pig and tries to engage everyone in conversation including the neighbours cat if he wanders past their run. Current Bun is mainly quiet but does have rare energetic moments when he runs in circles buzzing like a bee. He also managed an assertive grunt at the vet last week, but that was the vets fault for sticking a needle in himwink

EastMidsGPs Sat 08-Oct-16 09:18:24

Mollie chats all the while, telling you everything she thinks you need to know, since she last saw you. She's a really affectionate pig and squeals in delight when she sees you. I often think she's be ideal as a petting pig for old peoples' homes. smile
Sadie on the other hand isn't so vocal, she did find her wheek in the summer, but after about a month of wheeking, stopped again, she mainly sort of clucks ... but complains loudly if moved when comfortable or when she realises she has to go back to her hutch after cuddles.
I get daily delight from their antics when given parsley, Mollie in her haste dances around squeezing loudly,
Sadie obviously thinks 'let her get on with it, I'll get my share without any of this effort lark' grin

EastMidsGPs Sat 08-Oct-16 09:20:31

Squeaking loudly. I really must stop using this phone it has an autocorrect function all of its own !

EastMidsGPs Sun 09-Oct-16 08:27:16

We were pottering in the garden yesterday, grass was too wet for the girls to play out so they had the summer house doors open to watch us.
Mollie was shouting so loudly for attention the children next door heard her and called back to her smile

We're moving them into the utility room today, so will have no peace until April grin

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