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Rabbits in winter

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wonderstuff100 Sun 02-Oct-16 21:59:04

We got a baby rabbit back in August so he is still very young. Am planning on getting him a friend from the RSPCA over the next few weeks but am a bit worried about the cold weather that's coming.

I know you can bring them inside but I have a 6ft hutch and I can't get it through my kitchen door to bring inside for the winter. So I'd need to buy another hutch/cage for them. But they all seem very small. I want to look after him well hence why I'm concerned about the size. For example, this is one I was looking at

What's everyone's experience with rabbits in the winter?

froglou Wed 05-Oct-16 15:40:40

Yeahs that's great size or look at a 120, but as long as they're safe and warm that's more of a priority than them having loads and loads of space. You'll find when they're indoors you'll probably have them out more to. Both that cage you posted and the 120 is enough space for them to stretch there legs and be comfortable smile

mypropertea Wed 05-Oct-16 15:45:05

If you bring them in, you can't then put them out and then bring them in... etc. They are not very good with changes in temperature. Do you have a garage or shed you can put a hutch in and then let them out in the day?

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