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New piggy behaviour?

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ShadowHarts Sun 02-Oct-16 21:04:47


I've not had any experience with guinea pigs before (though I have owned pretty much every other small animal) and I have just brought the work one home to pair her up with a new pal after her other one passed away. I got the new girl from a rescue, they paired her up for me. She seems really docile and doesn't move much, I think she's been in the tunnel all day today. Is this normal when bringing home a new pig? She lets me pick her up and doesn't scrabble or anything. Just after some advice on what to expect/look for. Thanks smile

fortifiedwithtea Mon 03-Oct-16 08:48:49

No it doesn't sound right. Ok to be shy of new humans but I'd expect her to be interacting with her cage mate when you are out of sight. I'd suspect she is ill and hiding it or feeling intimidated by new friend. New pairings always have to work out their hierarchy.

Remove the tunnel and see what she does.

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