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Playpen for two rabbits

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noramum Fri 30-Sep-16 20:26:14

With autumn on its way cleaning the outdoor hutch/run leaves me with a problem. Normally my two bunnies go into the big run on the lawn and I can air the hutch properly. Last autumn/winter I put the two in the carrier while I cleared the hutch.

Since this Spring we have a new bunny and he just hates the carrier. When I had to put them in during a really wet afternoon recently he made it very clear that he doesn't enjoy it, rattling the wire, thumping etc. So, what can I do?

One idea was to get a playpen I can put on the patio, more space than a carrier but easy to store and I can keep them in there a bit longer, giving the hutch more time to air.

Does anybody has a recommendation?

FernieB Mon 03-Oct-16 17:11:43

Playpen on the patio sounds fine to me. Theyll have more room to wander while you clean.

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