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Budgie- do we get him a friend now or later?

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Lovepancakes Mon 12-Sep-16 22:30:04

Hi all
I'm new to budgies as was always worried about the cage idea but then met one and he was so tame and very at home in or out of his cage and now we have a friendly baby one I'm budgie obsessed!

My question is though whether to get another one asap as the lovely (and v experienced) breeder thought he'd bond better with us just him but this evening we put on budgie sounds as a you tube title suggested they liked them and he became frantic sad and so agitated.

He's been bonding well with us and we've only had him a very short time but I've spent hours with him and he's so calm and happy to fly to my finger sometimes which feels a big honour.

We need to be sure what sex 'he' is but otherwise does anyone have advice whether I'm right he needs another budgie ?

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