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Today I learnt a new skill

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wizzler Sun 11-Sep-16 18:59:51

I bathed and clipped the toe nails of our pet hedghog for the first time

I am so relieved it went ok

Just wanted to share ( and tbh, to show you all a picture of our lovely girl)

NB.. the fact that she has no legs in the photo is due to the way she was sitting and nothing at all to do with the toe nail clipping!

mypropertea Sun 11-Sep-16 19:00:28

She looks so happy smile

wizzler Sun 11-Sep-16 19:03:04

She is fairly grumpy when we wake her up ( fair enough) but she is very very sweet and now she is getting used to us we can handle her without getting spiked.

PurpleDaisies Sun 11-Sep-16 19:05:24

Awww! She is a so cute!

I didn't realise hedgehogs could be kept as pets. Are they a lot of work to look after?

wizzler Sun 11-Sep-16 19:11:54

Hi Purple. She is an African Pygmy hedghog. She lives in a vivarium which we keep at a constant temperature, and no she is very little trouble. She eats cat biscuits mainly, with mealworms and then normal food thrown in ( eg she loves chicken, hates carrots). She is pretty clean and doesnt smell. We got her 2 weeks ago and we handle her every night so she gets accustomed to us.

I wouldnt say she is an ideal pet for a small child, but my DD is a sensible 9 year old and is getting on with her just fine with some supervision.

Have a look on google, there are some very sweet photos there!

PurpleDaisies Sun 11-Sep-16 19:15:49

That's cheered me right up. My dh has just left with our guinea pigs (moving house this week) so the place seems very quiet with no pets.

Wondering if I can persuade him we now need a hedgehog as well as the four piggies.

wizzler Sun 11-Sep-16 19:20:38

DD sold me on the idea but I said she had to get DH to approve. He wasnt really listening, and when she asked for a hedgehog he didnt seriously believe you could keep them as pets, as if she had asked for a unicorn, or an elf .. so agreed.

DD and I were beside ourselves with excitement.

RattieOfCatan Tue 13-Sep-16 12:16:31

She's beautiful! Maybe one day, I don't think that the rats would appreciate a spikey friend ;)

damngirl Tue 13-Sep-16 12:36:05

She is sooooo cute. What's her name? smile

wizzler Wed 14-Sep-16 08:47:46

She is called Cupcake.

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