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Rabbit eye infection - long novel

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noramum Wed 07-Sep-16 22:43:09

I am starting to give up. We got Patch from a rescue mid April with the medical history of eye infections. OK, happens, we can deal with it.

He had no issues at the rescue, nor at the rabbit hotel who did the bonding to our lonely rabbit sibling (brother died). We had him for 2 weeks when the eye infection reoccurred (mid May).

So, eye drops for two weeks, problem solved. I tried various bedding types and thought the woodshavings caused the issue. 2 months later we had issues with one eye again, back to the drops for a couple of days.

We were clean from mid-July to end of August. Both rabbits went to a rabbit hotel for 2 weeks, clean eyes, I actually brought my own bedding to avoid further issues. We have them back since Sunday! and - yes, - the eye is watering again.

I really don't know what to do. I thoroughly disinfected the hutch and run before we got them back from bonding, I give them the same food I gave the "old" rabbit and her deceased companion. We never had issues in the 9 months since starting having rabbits. Patch hates me now. He knows I pick him up to hurt and irritate him, I actually can see him covering in the tiniest corner of the run when I give them food. I have to brush him once a week but it is such a struggle. I don't mind a medical condition but I just can't understand why it occurs.

If anybody has any idea I am grateful

LauraCRyan Thu 08-Sep-16 08:23:54

Is your hay in a rack? Some times they burrow into the hay if it's on the floor which can cause conjunctivitis

noramum Thu 08-Sep-16 10:45:07

They have a rack in the hutch which they ignore plus hay on the floor as I found they eat more of it in the evening. Will try to see if it makes a difference and remove it. AS it is close to the area they use for toileting business there may be something about it.

They also have a hayball-rack thing in the run which they eat from.

LauraCRyan Thu 08-Sep-16 10:48:58

Yeah If you're using Timothy hay try using bedding hay for the floor, it doesn't have as much fibre but it's a lot softer if it does get lodged in the eye. Also try bathing the eye in camomile tea it's really soothing and calming smile

fiverabbits Sun 11-Sep-16 19:42:07

Have you got a vet to check the rabbits teeth. We have a rabbit that had a very sore eye, we had eye drops, bathing every other day, change bedding etc but still sore, all under vet treatment. Then the rabbit had trouble eating and the vet checked her teeth and found the very back teeth were loose and removed them. Almost overnight the eye got better and so far 9 months on, no problems at all.

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