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Fighting (?) Guinea Pigs

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grumpypug Mon 05-Sep-16 22:53:15

We've only had our little piggies for a week. Initially they were in a ferplast 100 cage (which was far too small - we quickly realised) and on Saturday we moved them to a c&c cage (2x4).

One of the gps (Sherbet) has always rumbled, walking slowly and wiggling his hips. The other gp (Jeff) has started to chase Sherbet around the cage and it looks like he's being a bit of a bully! There's no teeth chattering (that I have heard) but Jeff did catch a mouthful of the Sherbet's fur earlier. Both are delightful when out and being held / cuddled by me and DC, although Jeff is more inquisitive and will nudge our hands more. Both will come to eat from our hands with a bit of patience and perseverance.

Is this going to cause problems or are they still trying to figure out the boss pig? At other times they are happy munching hay together and will snuggle in one hidey (even though there are two). Just want to get it right for them.

FernieB Tue 06-Sep-16 16:42:42

Sounds fairly normal. Don't be tempted to separate them unless it escalates to full on fighting with bloodshock. They will sort it out. Just make sure there's two hidey holes so they can get away from each other.

My Scruffypig and his original friend, Smooth, bickered constantly and I always put their igloos with the doors facing away from each other so they didn't have to look at each other. They did pine if I took one out of the cage though. Only had one instance of full on fighting and they really went for it, rolling on the floor trying to bite each other. I threw a towel over them to confuse them (never use your hands to separate warring pigs) and then separated them by putting mesh across their cage. After a day, they broke through my carefully crafted barrier and were back to their normal bickering ways, but never fought again.

Scruffypigs current companion, Gingerpig, adores his uncle Scruffy and tries to lie next to him all the time. Sometimes Scruffy has to chase him away so he can have 5 minutes peace. (If they had an ensuite, he'd probably lock himself in there with a book).

Food is a great distraction if you notice them getting a bit too nippy. Just throw in a bit of cucumber or something and they soon forget about arguing.

LauraCRyan Wed 07-Sep-16 09:51:18

They should work it out themselves, you may find they start to jump each other but that's just to establish who's boss that's nothing to worry about! If they draw blood then separate but it sounds like their hormones are just starting to kick in! You can buy calming sprays but I wouldn't worry about it too much at the moment

grumpypug Mon 12-Sep-16 20:36:59

Thanks for all the advice. There has been lots of chasing around the cage and sherbet has a (small - about 3/4mm) cut behind his ear where Jeff has nipped him.

We really don't have the space for another cage so I want to avoid separating them if I can.

They will still share veg / hidey houses etc but Jeff seems to be a bit of a bully. I'm gutted :-(

Any magic words to make them friends again?

FernieB Mon 12-Sep-16 21:09:48

Food, food, glorious foodwink. That's the way to placate pigs. They will sort themselves out and one will be top pig. It's a teen thing with them, they settle down with age.

FernieB Mon 12-Sep-16 21:10:37

Also you can bath them so they smell the same and it also unites them in their hatred of you.

grumpypug Mon 12-Sep-16 22:00:14

Ok, food it is then.

They love their veg and hay.

I keep reminding the DC we've only had them 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!

FernieB Tue 13-Sep-16 11:08:13

One of my original pair ended up with a small piece missing from his ear after going through the terrible teens. He was the dominant pig too.

jwww Tue 13-Sep-16 11:30:22

Scatter their food if they're fighting over food separate hides within the cage and calming or tea tree sprays should help smile

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