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Rabbit questions

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ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 04-Sep-16 08:59:44

We are fostering some bunnies for a local charity they have come with a 6ft hutch with attached run and we have let them have free reign of the rabbit proof yard when we are in. But I have some questions.
1) I don't have a ready supply of newspaper so could I put lino down on the hutch floor to stop the wee soaking the wood and making cleaning out easier?
2) we are using straw in the bed area and on the hutch floor is this OK or should it be woodshavings or something?
3) it has rained for the last few days and they haven't left the hutch even to go in the run I know this is their choice but is it ok or do I need to make them get some exercise?
4) if I make a hutch cover from foil backed bubble wrap for insulation and tarp for waterproofing will that do or do I need to buy a hutch cover?
5) They will have to stay out over winter do I need to do anything in particular to help them keep warm?

jugotmail Sun 04-Sep-16 09:17:59

1)You could try getting them a litter tray to minimise wee - if size allows. We have one which sits in the covered corner of the run, filled with shavings and emptied every couple of days (only one rabbit). You can get them in pets at home.
2)We have woodshavings on the floor and add straw to the bedding area.
3) Our rabbit will often sit inside looking grumpy when it rains dont worry too much at least they have the run for when they need/want to move, especially if you can give them free run whilst you are home. Its horrible how many rabbits dont have anything except their small hutch to move about in.
4) I just put a tarp over the run with a couple of bungee cords over to hold it down - £1 shop. You can buy a hutch cover but in my experience the plastic degrades and the zips split so they dont last that long for the price of them.
5) My friend puts the whole hutch into the garden shed over winter but I just give extra straw and tarp up the sleeping area to keep it snug - leaving a gap for some airflow. I also tarp around some of the sides of the run just to keep that a little warmer.

Hope this helps

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 04-Sep-16 09:42:27

Great thanks. I've heard lots of people talk about litter trays for rabbits, I've no idea on the background of the rabbits will they automatically know to use it? There are two corners in the hutch that seem wetter than the rest I suppose I could put them there and hope for the best. Yes they look very grumpy just sitting staring at the rain. I just went out to give them more hay and they did come to see me so I opened the run and they are now hoping around the yard in the rain but they still don't look best pleased about it. I will raid the pound shop and B&M for any tarps and bungee cords and try and sort them something I'm a bit dubious as to the water tightness of their hutch as it wasn't in best repair when we got it and we didn't have time to do any upkeep before it started raining!

ItsTimeForDuggee Sun 04-Sep-16 09:51:42

Lino is a good Idea just check it to make sure they are not chewing on it.
Litter tray is a good as it should help with the cleaning.
could you use hay and straw as a bedding as rabbits diet should be 80% hay and it will encourage them to eat more especially if they aren't going out to graze on the grass.
Do they have any toys to play with in the run as rabbit do need some stimulation.
Sorry I can't be much more help regarding the hutch as mine live indoors

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sun 04-Sep-16 09:54:10

I use the wood clumping cat litter in a litter tray for my bun.

Cuts down on any smells and takes seconds to clean.

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