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Bugger, Cannonball the guinea is dying

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SheWhoDaresGins2 Wed 24-Aug-16 19:01:06

Here he is, he is 5 and has had a cold.

Have vet appointment first thing tomorrow morning but I don't think he will make it through the night. He is having what look like seizures, tries to walk and falls on to side jerking. No option for vets tonight sadly and feel really really bad about it.

We have brought him in and popped him in a nice basket with a fluffy towel and he seems settled in there, as in not making any attempt to move and has hunkered down with his eyes closed. His buddy is outside still looking bewildered as they have never been apart.

My Jack Russell is itching to groom him, she thinks the piggies are her pups after a phantom pregnancy, but I really don't want to distress him.

I am so sad sad I love my piggies and take it really bad when a 1 dies. This time MiniGin is just as upset and keeps burating in to tears as Cannonball is his favourite. Bugger. Poor Cannonball sad

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 25-Aug-16 22:11:37

Oh poor lamb.. but I'm guessing by now he's gone one way (better) or t'other (The Bridge)

Once they lose their co-ordination and if they have a cold, it's not good.
The seizures too sad
Our GP3 had a few spasms just before he died (DD was with him) he was well out of it by then.

They go quick when they go, so if Cannonball has gone, hopefully it was a smooth transition.

SheWhoDaresGins2 Thu 25-Aug-16 22:16:18

Sorry I didn't get around to updating this thread. Sadly he was gone when I woke this morning.

MiniGin is completely devastated and I can still hear him crying now. It's his first experience of loss and he was his piggie.

Cannonball is getting buried tomorrow as it has rained all day today and plus MiniGin wants to buy a plant after I asked for a bit of advice on remembering him to help MiniGin.

Everyone in the house is feeling sad but poor MiniGin is totally devastated. He's only 7 sad

EastMidsGPs Fri 26-Aug-16 09:50:11

So sorry to hear of your loss. Bury him deep with Something heavy on top. We buy like patterned stepping stones from our garden centre to mark our graves. They are usually circular and one has a wren on, another a hedgehog, another swirls. We then have a pot with plant standing on it.
Our NDN was distraught when our Sophie died, as she'd spent hours with her. We got her to draw Sophie having fun and we framed it. It sits somewhere amongst the chaos of my study.
Know Cannonball was much loved and had the best life possible.

EastMidsGPs Fri 26-Aug-16 09:51:18

Forgot to say the paving stone things are under a fiver.

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