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Labrador retriever

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Katka52 Wed 24-Aug-16 02:35:48


I'm looking for someone who breeds a Labrador Retriever. We are trying to get black male Labrador. I'm based in Cheletenham, Gloucestershire.

Thank yousmile

Have you had a look on ?

I know of a fantastic breeder in Cheshire but she has a rather long waiting list, but that's a good reputable website to find a litter or a puppy.

If you want someone local to you, I'd contact this lady:

TrionicLettuce Wed 24-Aug-16 04:00:30

My first port of call would always be the breed club, either the national one or the relevant regional one. They should be able to put you in touch with decent breeders who are planning litters.

Make sure both parents have been health tested. As an absolute minimum they should both have had their hips scored (with a combined result of less than 11), their elbows scored (no higher than 0:0) and have current annual eye tests. Ideally they should also have had a number of DNA tests, you can see a complete list of them on this page. Check the inbreeding coefficient of the litter (once you have the full names or stud book numbers you can check it here on the KC site), it should preferably be under the breed average which is 6.5%.

There are a lot of people breeding labs (over 30,000 are registered every year!) and finding a decent breeder can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. This article on the Champdogs site is really worth a read. They've also got a really handy list of questions to ask a breeder.

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