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Piggy lumps

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GoldenGumballs Sat 30-Jul-16 19:03:06

Hi fellow pig people I've just discovered a small lump on my Pepsi pigs nose (between nostril & lip) & then to my horror discovered quite a large smooth lump in her mouth under the top lip on one side. She's still eating all her different foods & seems perfectly well but I know how difficult lumps are to remove in the mouth (prev vn ) and wondered if anybody's pig had had these type of lumps & successful treatment. I'm so sad because she's only 4&a half & her sister has incurable ovarian/mammary tumours tho still happily in charge & bossing Pepsi around. Thanks.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 30-Jul-16 22:13:18

No experience with treatment but 4.6 is Piggie Middle Age so yes the risks are there and you need to weigh up if the benefits of treatment/surgery outweigh the risk.

And if they interfere with daily life.

Have they come up quickly? Is it an abscess rather than a fatty lump or a more worrying malignancy?

Nose/top lip can get those crusty lumpy areas - can be bacterial or fungal .

My Himmy has a smooth, palpatable lump under her armpit. We keep having a check of it. If it changed or became painful or hindered her , we'd make a decision one way or t'other.

It is a tough call when you're talking about little rodenty types - the risks of surgery and recovery are high.
But if they lose the ability and joy of food , that's when I'd step in.

GoldenGumballs Sat 30-Jul-16 22:49:05

Thanks 70. I'll pop her to see my Pig vet this week, am always dubious about surgery unless young as it can be so painful for them. Am just upset because I expected to have her once I lose her sister. Have loved having them tho I can't believe how much looking after they've taken (very spoilt!).

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