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Talk to me about hamsters

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thejoysofboys Fri 08-Jul-16 19:36:36

DS was promised a hamster for his birthday. He's got the cage, bedding etc and tomorrow is the day that we'll pick up the hamster.
I've followed all the RSPCA advice on cage size/type/provisions. Can someone just talk me through the daily care? I assume fresh water and food daily? How much food? Can he have fresh as well as dried? How often do I replace nesting material?
We're getting a Syrian hamster.


CloudyWithAChance Sun 10-Jul-16 21:49:15

Leave the hamster to get used to his cage for the first couple of days (apart from filling his food bowl and adding fresh water) because he'll need to get used to his surroundings before having new hands grabbing for him (touching him too early can make for a nervous and even sometimes bitey hamster). Fresh food and water everyday, however, don't feed him too much as he will only selectively eat the pieces he likes meaning he won't get all the nutritious parts that could then cause health problems - start with a heaped tblsp amount and see if he eats it all. The cage will probably have to be cleaned once a week to keep odours away.

thejoysofboys Tue 12-Jul-16 12:01:18

Thanks Cloudy.
He's had a quiet weekend but seems to be settling and eating ok. I've not tried to pick him up yet.

Only question I have is that he's not drinking much (hardly anything). How much is normal?

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