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Leaving guinea pigs in run in the day - will they be safe?

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pannetone Tue 28-Jun-16 17:56:39

Just that really. We have now adopted what was the school GP - originally it was a fostering arrangement at weekends but I was micro-managing his care at school during the parts of the week he was there!

When DGP was at school he spent (spring/summer) days out in a run. Now I have a run for him at home - a metal one with metal roof. But I am really unsure if it is safe to leave him in it during the day. We do get foxes in the garden - though i've only seen them in our garden from early evening.

So is it safe to leave DGP in his run during the day? The metal run is pegged into the ground and I secure the 2 doors with bulldog clips on one and a padlock on the other. But I am worried that a fox could dig under the run - DH says a fox could do this in a matter of minutes. sad Obviously if I have to be 'watching over' DGP while he is in the run this limits the amount of time he gets to spend in there.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 28-Jun-16 23:05:01

My pigs don't go out unless we're here, we have a fox family at the end of the garden.

I bought a rabbit hutch to go inside the run but it took up too much room and was a nightmare to get in to catch them (DD has to go into the run)

We have 2 run&house set ups (we have a 3+2 pig families) .
DH fastened some of those ring hooks to the hutches and attatched to the bars with kabinas (sp) those lockable twist-fasten climbing hooks .
The hutch has extra layers of wire and the doors are fixed, we open from the roof which is lockable.
Little house has a lift up roof (locked) no windows.

For the doors I use cable ties (have to cut them so they are single use but secure)
For fox safety, what about a mesh /wire skirt round the run. You could wire it onto the run (out of reach of piggy eyes) and extend it all round about 12" wide , pegged into the grass (we use hard ground pegs, hammered into the soil)

A few weeks ago, our boar just sat there hmm while a fox sat beside the run (I thought it was a cat, did a double take and ran yelling down the garden)

At school, he'd have had people round all the time to protect him. Foxes can cause huge damage (utter vermin IMO) one of my guinea pigs was dug up twice . Luckily his body was in a sealed bag so they didn't shred him. But he was buried in a deep hole with things on top. They dug under from the side , the shrubs didn't even stop them.

At the moment, my pigs like being out in the evening and are more active at dusk.
DD puts them out after school if I'm at work, they are still troughing grass at 10pm if we let them grin

pannetone Wed 29-Jun-16 17:43:41

Thanks 70.

I'm still not clear on your GPs domestic arrangements though! So your GPs (each set!) have a hutch which has an attached run and they can go into the run as they want? Does your run have a mesh skirt? I know your GPs have a 'pighouse' as well - is that for night?

Our DGP doesn't have a hutch (he is in an indoor cage in our unused-for-car garage), so his run is 'free-standing' - we could put a mesh skirt all the way round. Having done that would you then be happy to leave GPs in the garden unsupervised?

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