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Sidney, the Siamese, has found her forever home

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Bri2016 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:15:18

London based DD texted 'Do you want Sidney?', DD was at least the fourth person to have Sidney in her short life (poss 2 years old). She has been brought up in tiny rooms and passed through various homes as 'owners' have moved (two abroad). So sad. DD arrived on train from London with Sidney in her basket. I had prepared a bedroom for her and DD. Lots of hiding corners and secret retreats, She was quite confident when DD was around but now she is coming to terms with a new and very different environment and is taking advantage of the many retreat spots. You can feel she is absorbing a lot of new information and will not be hurried. I sense a watchful intelligence and humour lurking behind her beautiful face but she will not be rushed into new friendships. To our knowledge she has never met another cat or dog or been allowed out or lived with an 'at home' family. We have Fred an 8 year old Mog. They quietly avoid each other and retreat to different bedrooms. Fred is loyal and avoids confrontation with other cats so I am optimistic. The two dogs (17 yr o sheepdog and 8 yr o Staffie) are placid and cat friendly and do not go up stairs. One big problem - she has not been neutered. I do not want kittens. My instinct tells me to keep her safe in the house untill she develops confidence in us and her new home. Taking her to the vet and having the op is going to be quite traumatic and I do not want her to lose trust in me so soon, She is quite feisty. I do feel fate has brought her to us and we now have to 'protect' her.

EastMidsGPs Tue 14-Jun-16 21:05:49

How lovely smile welcome to your forever home Sidney, once settled you are going to have so much fun!
Well done for taking her in doubt you'll ever regret it 😻😻

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