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I need advice on introducing two male adult guinea pigs

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SharingMichelle Mon 23-May-16 06:44:54

We inherited a gorgeous boy last year. We all love him very much, but worry that he is lonely without another piggie friend. Not sure that he has ever had a friend - history unknown before he came to us.

Our boy is an adult male, intact, about 4 years old.

Today we have inherited another boy. Under a year we think. Also intact. This boy's buddy died a couple of days ago.

It would be fantastic if these two boys could be friends. Is it likely? How best to go about introducing them?

FernieB Mon 23-May-16 07:52:09

It's possible but depends on the pigs. Can you have them in separate cages so they see, hear and smell each other? They can get used to each other then. That's your first step. Once they seem curious and chatty with each other, then introduce them on neutral ground (old blanket on the floor) with plenty of food to share and watch them closely. There'll be posturing, bickering and mounting but as long as it doesn't escalate to fighting, they should be fine. If all's going well, don't separate them again.

You'll need to thoroughly clean and neutralise the cage they'll go in together so it (and all food bowls etc) don't smell of one pig. You can also bath them at this point so they smell the same - this also unites them in their hatred of youwink. Make sure they each have their own igloo to hide in - boys aren't usually snuggly with each other and do like their own space.

Good luck

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 23-May-16 17:51:38

Ooh new piggies smile

On the plus side, your new boy is probably desperate for company having recently lost his cagemate sad so he should be keen for guinea company.

Try and add some new bits to the cage too, so your Resident Boar doesn't think, "Oh Bum, I've got to share" he'll think "Oh, new toys"

YY to all Fernies post.
Let them have some side-by-side time to suss each other out.
When you introduce, neutral ground (we use a paddling pool with newspaper and food)
Bath them
Scrub the cage to remove all smells of piggie and move things round.

You'll need to keep close eyes on them when they bond, have a towel handy to drape over if they get arsey. Don't put your hand in to seperate them.

Your new piggie is still a young boy, hopefully through the Terrible Teens and I did read that older boars stop being territorial at 5 , but not sure how true that is wink

Good Luck

FernieB Mon 23-May-16 23:34:35

My Scruffypig is 5 now and is much more interested in sleeping than asserting his dominance (unless Ginger does something particularly annoying). Hes definitely mellowed over the last year.

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