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Guinea-Pig First Aid Box

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 07-May-16 22:13:00

For their important little bits and pieces smile

We have a plastic lidded box that lives under a chair. Over the years various pig paraphenalia has found its way in.

Most things can be found on Amazon or Petshops, some in chemists. Keep an eye on use-by dates but better to have them than wait till you need them:


syringes for feeding little unwell animals. We bought some big 20ml ones, our vet gave us some insulin syringes (in 0.1ml increments) and I have a couple of the Calpol syringes.

Critical Care fine grind (or in an emergency , mashed up pellets sloppy to syringe feed)

Probiotic powder with Vit C (goes onto veg)

Small scissors to trim things like fur knots, or from a wound

Tweezers to remove stuck things from teeth (grass,hay)

Clean non fluffy gauze to cleanse with salted water (boiled and cooled) , good for cleaning up wounds or taking seeds or hay out of piggie eyes

Their claw clippers ( best ones I've found are like a pair of scissors with a round 'notch'. The claw needs to be cut clean, not crushed, I also use a pair of finer clippers for the pinkie claws that curl in.

Shampoos- we used to use "Just for Boars" when we had the boys, now I have Cedar and Lemongrass. There are conditioning shampoos for long coated pigs.

Calendula cream (healing) for little dry bits

Xeno 450 drops - mites, lice , worms

Vit C tablets to crush and syringe feed if needed

Vaseline as a protector for any little scratches, stops them niggling them

Virkon S to disinfect the Pighouse if I introduce a new piggie (I also use a steamer if I just want to clean it) white vinegar to remove pee stains

their staple remover for newspapers

The Vets details.

A child's sock , in case they need to be a SockPig (there was a piggie who needed to be a SockPig to stop her scratching. They don't DO bandages and plasters)

Some things I rarely use but it's reassuring to have things where I need them.

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